Washington Marijuana Sales Top $2.4 Million In First 3 Weeks


The sales numbers are in from Washington State for the first three weeks of recreational marijuana sales. Recreational marijuana sales started July 7, 2014 in Washington. While the numbers aren't as staggering as they were in Colorado for the first three weeks there, they are still impressive. Per KXLY:

washington state medical marijuana raids

The Liquor Control Board says recreational marijuana license holders, in 21 days, generated more than $2.4 million in sales, translating to just over $614,000 in excise taxes.

Keep in mind the state has only issued 34 retail licenses, 111 processor licenses and 136 producer licenses. Thousands more are pending.

As the article stated, only 34 retail licenses have been issued, and not all of those had their license until recently. And even those that had their license during the first week of sales weren't operating. Also, at least one retail location shut down after day 3 due to lack of supplies. When you take that all into consideration, the numbers are impressive, and will only continue to grow as supply issues get worked out, more licenses get issued, and more retail locations open up. Why isn't every state doing this? Is there any state in America that doesn't need more funding?