December 8, 2015

What Information Do Oregon Dispensaries Need From Customers To Sell Them Recreational Marijuana?

December 8, 2015
oregon medical marijuana cannabis oregonian newspaper

oregon medical marijuana cannabis oregonian newspaper

Article update – A very knowledgeable reader (Nick, in the comments below) pointed out that while the information below is correct, it is incomplete. Dispensaries are not required to capture name and ID number for recreational sales, but they are required to ensure that they do not sell the same customer more than 7 grams of flower (or four immature plants) in a day. This is what the current temporary rules say on page 10:

(5) A dispensary is not required to maintain a record of the name of the individual to whom a limited marijuana retail product was sold but the dispensary must have a system in place that is outlined in their policies and procedures for ensuring that an individual is not sold more than one-quarter ounce of dried leaves and flowers in a day or more than four immature plants.

This of course creates a logistical issue. I’m told that some dispensaries take pictures of people to get around this, but a lot of dispensaries ask for ID to get enough info from it to fulfill the temporary rule listed above. I want to apologize to Nick, I know he received some flack for what he was pointing out, but he is 100% right.


I have been receiving e-mails from readers in Oregon who are alarmed by dispensaries asking for their IDs when they purchase recreational marijuana. ‘I do not want my ID number and info on some list for the government to maintain’ is a common statement that people say. And understandably so. It’s great to be able to buy recreational marijuana, but if that comes with being put into some database where all of your purchases are tracked, then is it worth it?

And that of course doesn’t even touch on the fact that we live in an age where identity theft is all too common. If dispensaries capture personal information and don’t take the proper steps to safeguard it, that one purchase at a dispensary could potentially lead to some serious issues down the road. I do know that there are dispensaries out there that are going as far as taking a photocopy of IDs from customers, with others just typing in all of the info, and others just writing down some stuff but not capturing everything from the ID.

So what is required from dispensaries in Oregon that sell recreational marijuana to customers? Below is info from the FAQ section on the Oregon Health Authority’s website:

Q. Are dispensaries required to record the names of those purchasing recreational marijuana?

A. No. A dispensary is not required to document the names of retail customers who purchase recreational marijuana products. However, the transaction must be captured in the Point of Sale system and include the following:

  • ​The type of marijuana product sold
  • The amount of marijuana product sold
  • The birth date of the individual who bought the product
  • The sale price
  • The date of the sale

As you can see, the name of the customer is not required to be captured, nor is their ID number required. Dispensaries obviously have to check your ID to ensure that you are over 21, but they are not required to write down your ID number, and certainly aren’t required to photocopy your license, per the state agency that is in charge of overseeing recreational sales. At least, until the OLCC takes over.


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