December 24, 2016

Marijuana Dispensaries see Increased Sales During the Holidays, Just like Other Retailers

December 24, 2016
marijuana dispesary

Many consumers go into a buying frenzy around the holidays, and traditional retailers aren’t the only businesses that notice an uptick in sales during this time of year.  This is simply proof of why cannabis is better off in a regulated system since more people actually seek cannabis products out as gifts for people who they know it would be just right for.

Randa Shahin, owner/operator of Homegrown Apothecary in Portland, OR, said, “Business grows around the holidays…primarily with edibles and vape products because people need a discreet way to put up with their families. There is also an increase because of gift giving ideas.”

Matt Walstatter, owner of Pure Green PDX mentioned, “We typically see things slow down a bit in early November, pick up a little around Thanksgiving, then slow down in early December before picking up again closer to Christmas. Come January, sales typically fall off for a month or two. This year has followed that pattern so far.”

This article from USA Today mentioned shops in Denver, CO that see in increase in sales during the holiday season and stated:

Pot shops are reporting the average purchase is up 21% in the week before Christmas, according to the marijuana-software firm Baker, which runs store customer-service systems. The most popular items: marijuana-infused edibles like brownies or cookies. Also near the top of the list are vaporizers, pipes and other smoking accessories, Baker reported. The company said the data holds true across the states where it serves medical and recreational stores: Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington.

That there’s a rush in sales around Christmas is no surprise. The biggest sale days of the year traditionally come around Thanksgiving’s  “Weed Wednesday” and “Green Friday,” said Baker’s CEO, Joel Milton, although April 20, known as 4/20, remains the biggest marijuana sales day nationally. The biggest sales days tend to come on Fridays before federal holidays, according to an analysis of Washington state sales dates by New Frontier Data.

I would encourage you to check out your local cannabis retailers for great gift ideas, and also check our post from earlier this month about the best gifts to give the Secret Stoner in your life.

Happy Holidays!


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