January 4, 2017

How to get a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

January 4, 2017
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Yesterday, legalized medical cannabis went into effect in Florida. Amendment 2, passed in November, allows patients access to medical marijuana from licensed doctors in the state.

Yet while the law may have just gone into effect, rules and regulations still need to be established by the Florida Department of Health. The Miami Herald reports that the deadline for the rules building the foundation of Florida’s medicinal cannabis laws is six months.

What conditions qualify for a medical marijuana card?

How do you obtain a medical marijuana card in Florida?

  1. Get your paperwork together. You will need to prove your Florida residency to obtain a card. Additionally, if you are prescribed marijuana, you will have to register with the state. So there may be more paperwork in your future as well. Get organized.
  2. Start seeing a licensed doctor. Chances are that if you suffer from one of these conditions, you’re already seeing a doctor. However, if you’re seeking cannabis treatments you’ll need to see one of the 300 doctors licensed to prescribe cannabis in the state. After at least 90 days of treatment, the doctor can start prescribing cannabis products if they think the patient may benefit.
  3. Continue seeking treatments.  Until the Florida Health Department establishes the rules and regulations, medical marijuana will remain largely unavailable to patients. Things like the amount of cannabis to prescribe, card obtainment processes and the legalities of establishing a dispensary and functioning marijuana business industry.

Q&A about the Florida’s Medical Marijuana law

What type of medication is available?

Currently, patients are prescribed low-THC cannabis products, like oils, tinctures and capsules. Smokable marijuana is not available, but Amendment 2 never specified anything against smokable marijuana, so the current law is subject to change over the upcoming months.

Can I get high-THC products? 

Florida’s medical marijuana laws mainly focus on low-strength THC products and CBD treatments. Only terminally ill patients are prescribed High-THC products and there are only 2 licensed doctors in the state able to do so.


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