April 7, 2013

Advertise Your Marijuana Book On The Weed Blog

April 7, 2013
advertise marijuana hemp cannabis growing books the weed blog

A common inquiry I get at The Weed Blog is for people looking for good books to read. E-books, regular books, hemp books, growing books, funny books, weird books, you name it! We want to give our readers what they want, so we have created a tab on the top of every one of our pages dedicated to 420 friendly books, as seen in the photo below:

advertise marijuana hemp cannabis growing books


The link takes you to a page that will be entirely dedicated to 420 friendly books about hemp, growing, activism, etc. Advertising with The Weed Blog is more than just an opportunity to get eyeballs to your product, it’s a chance to support some hardworking activists that try as hard as we can to spread marijuana news and information to educate the public about facts, campaigns, science, and beyond. We work, or try to work with, every campaign for reform that there is, and your contribution helps us do it! TWB readers are always looking for new things to check out, and rates are very affordable. E-mail johnnygreen@theweedblog.com to find out more!


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