September 10, 2016

High Standards and Craft Process: Dab Society’s Cotton Candy

September 10, 2016
Cotton Candy

For your Shatterday, we have a concentrate review of one of the finest in the Pacific Northwest, in my opinion.

Here in Oregon, Dab Society Extracts is certainly a name that turns heads when the concentrate conversation arises in both industry and consumer circles. The company launched in 2014 and has been committed to the highest standards while embracing a fine craft approach to everything they do, earning them the first processor license in the state. Dab Society utilizes BHO processing because they feel it preserves terpene flavor profiles the best.

Cotton CandyI felt very fortunate to get a sample off of a 75 gram Cotton Candy slab they produced that was beautifully golden with lots of holes dotting the shattery surface. This concentrate was deliciously sweet in both smell and taste, as one might assume by its name. Upon inhaling, I could taste the sweetness as well as some crisp floral notes.  It produced an immediate head high and while quite potent, gave a very mellow, social and happy effect as it set in.


Alayna Jay, an expert grammer at Dab Society Extracts, suggests trying it at lower temperatures. She says, the “low temp brings out a sweet lavender flavor with a finish that is really happy, stoney and clean.”  I would agree!

This shatter, tested by MRX Labs, tested at 78.27% THC and 0.99% CBD, and can be found at The Green Front, Shango, and Healing Green, amongst other Oregon dispensaries.

Learn more about Dab Society Extracts here:

Facebook: @dabsocietyextracts

Instagram: @dabsocietyextracts


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