December 18, 2014

Colorado Approves 8 Million Dollars In Grants For Marijuana Research

December 18, 2014
marijuana science research cannabis

marijuana science research cannabisSomething that marijuana opponents say over and over is ‘they will not support marijuana reform until there is more research done.’ That is usually accompanied by efforts to prevent any marijuana research at any cost. The sad truth is that the last thing marijuana opponents want is for marijuana research to occur because they know that research will prove that marijuana is medicine. The ‘wait for more research’ tactic is just an attempt to delay marijuana reform.

The State of Colorado approved 8 million dollars in grants for marijuana research and studies, which I’m sure is something that scares marijuana opponents like Kevin Sabet. Per The Cannabist:

Colorado’s Board of Health on Wednesday approved up to $8 million in grants to pay for eight studies on medical marijuana, the largest-ever state-funded effort to study the medical efficacy of cannabis.

The studies will look at whether marijuana can be used to treat childhood epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, Parkinson’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, pediatric brain tumors and spine pain. The results of the studies will provide some of the best — and most respected — evidence to date on whether marijuana is a useful medicine.

“This is new and uncharted territory,” Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director of the Colorado health department, said prior to the board’s unanimous vote to approve the pot research funding.

I can’t wait to see what comes out of these studies. This research will obviously benefit the State of Colorado, but it will also benefit other states. This research will result in facts and provide objective data that can be used throughout America and beyond. Marijuana is medicine. That’s a fact that even the most passionate marijuana opponent can’t dispute when scientific facts are presented.


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