Do Women Build Up Marijuana Tolerance Faster Than Men?


Some of the hardest hitting marijuana consumers that I know are women. I know a few women that can out smoke any guy I know. They can eat more edibles, they can smoke more flower, and they can take more dab hits. For a long time I just thought that they were more hardcore than my guy friends. It turns out, science may be playing a role in their tolerance level. Per the Huffington Post:

old lady marijuana

Researchers at Washington State University have found evidence indicating that females may build up a tolerance to marijuana more easily than males do. While it's not entirely predictive, people with an increased tolerance of a drug are more likely to become addicted to it -- which means women may want to think twice before matching a man joint for joint.

The study focused on the pain-relieving effects of THC on male and female rats. In this case, rats made for good subjects, because, like humans, rats have a menstrual cycle (albeit one that lasts four to five days instead of 28), and they experience similar ovarian hormone fluctuations, which affect pain.

At the beginning of the trial, the female rats displayed a higher sensitivity to THC than the males. However, after 10 days of testing, researchers found that the female rats were needing higher doses of THC than the males just to experience the same degree of pain relief. In other words, while female rats started out being more sensitive to THC, after 10 days, they ended up less sensitive.

This test of course was on lab rats, but I've seen this theory in action with humans, as I stated at the beginning of this article. If you have a girlfriend that can out smoke you, don't feel bad about it, it's likely just science. Have readers experienced this first hand? Are you a woman that can out smoke your male friends and/or family members? If so, leave a comment.