October 10, 2010

OranguTANG Strain Review: Good Bud Structure With a Citrus Aroma and Perfect for a Pipe

October 10, 2010

As you know, The Weed Blog loves to do cannabis strain reviews. One of our recent favorites was Blueberry x Northern Lights 5 from Master Gardens here in Oregon.  But, we were thrilled to get this review on OranuTANG from a guest writer in California!

Guest Post by cannabis connoisseur, Here 4 the Flavor.

Strain: OranguTANG

Genetics: Tangie x Gorilla Glue x Citrus Sap

Type: Hybrid

Grower: JAHnetics – San Francisco, California

BAG APPEAL (4 out of 5)

One of the first things about OranguTANG that jumps out at me are the thick, orange/red stigmas covering the bright green nugs. The bud structure on the bottom part of the nug is somewhat loose and leafy, while the crown of the nug is dense and chunky (the crown is similar to many batches of Gorilla Glue I’ve come across). The nugs sparkle in the light thanks to a dense coating of healthy trichomes.

SMELL (4.5 out of 5)

Opening a jar of OranguTANG releases a mouthwatering swirl of sweet citrus aromas – like sugarcoated orange peels. The smell brings back childhood memories of Fruit Stripe gum, simply delicious.

When the buds are broken or ground up, the sweet citrus is joined hints of earthy, funky aromas, courtesy the strain’s Gorilla Glue ancestry. The layers of smell in this strain had me hooked at first sniff.

TASTE (4.5 out of 5)

OranguTANG is one of those strains that smokes great in pipes, bubblers, bongs, blunts and joints – from sparking it up to the last hits.

No matter the method, the smoke immediately fills my mouth with heavy sweet citrus flavors reminiscent of Tangie. As I exhale the silky smoke I also pick up notes of spicy haze, black pepper and earthy must (coming through from the Gorilla Glue and Citrus Sap). While the taste is similar to Tangie, the additional dimensions of flavor have me reaching for the OranguTANG jar a lot more than the Tangie as of late.

Ash Report: White ashes (very clean)

OVERALL (4.5 out of 5)

As someone who loves Tangie and Gorilla Glue – two strains very far apart on the flavor spectrum – I was beyond excited to come across OranguTANG. The strain completely delivered on my expectations on all levels, in particular the smell and flavor, and has quickly become one of the staples in my stash.

Check out Here 4 The Flavor’s blog for more reviews of marijuana strains and concentrates, and follow him on Instagram (@Here4theFlavor) for marijuana photos galore.


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