December 7, 2014

Blackberry Kush The CO2 Company Cartridge Review

December 7, 2014
the co2 company oregon medical marijuana oil pen

the co2 company oregon medical marijuana oil penBy Lindsey Rinehart

The CO2 Company first came to my attention when I saw their cartridges in a local Portland dispensary back in September. I was instantly impressed with the smooth look of their pens and cartridges, as well as their advanced packaging. Later, I found out that The CO2 Company launched in July, 2014 from Southern OR, with 4 friendly owners, Karen Sprague, David Tanksley, Ryan Walsh, and Kevin Walsh and was relatively new. I was blown away that they could be this put together this fast! All of their meds are Sun Grown, and organic, leaving a great medicine for the patients!

The company provides half gram cartridges of Pure CO2 Oil in multiple flavors and strengths. It isn’t cut with anything, making it some of the purest CO2 on the market! The cartridges are affordably priced at dispensaries for around $25 for the cartridge, and roughly $15 for the battery. I found that to be very reasonable for what you get in return. The battery is rechargeable, and I have had mine since September with no issues with charging. My cartridges have typically lasted about a week and a half with daily use.

The sample that I tried for this review was an Indica Blackberry Kush cartridge. The Blackberry Kush cartridge is particularly pleasant in its Indica goodness. It has a sweet and earthy flavor that will blow you away! The CO2 Company does a great job at balancing THC content with great flavor, so the flavor that comes through these pens is almost startling at first. The cartridges maintain flavor the entire time through the cartridge, only losing flavor on those last few draws that let you know it’s gone. The THC content is balanced enough that their pens are never harsh, always leaving a smooth medicating experience.

The THC content is at 55.8% and the CBD content is at .8% for this strain, but the effects are fully felt with this Indica pen. I used this pen mostly for anxiety, and help with getting drowsy at night to sleep. It really did get done what I needed it to do. I did notice some subtle pain relief as well, which has been hard for me to get from any brand of pen in general. All in all, this company and cartridges have left a positive, lasting impression, and I will certainly be using them for some of my medicating needs!


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