February 2, 2012

Blueberry Medical Marijuana Strain Review And Pics

February 2, 2012
Blueberry marijuana strain

Blueberry marijuana strainBlueberry Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant +++ (80%)

Blueberry — Bl1 — THC 12.801% / CBD 1.345% / CBN 0.278%

Review 01/06/12 by Spesh

It’s always nice to be able to try different MEDICATIONS – you can then try it’s earlier Genetics. In the case of BLUEBERRY it’s going to remind you of the NEWMEXICANN strain BLUE DREAM. Right away your taste buds will remember the taste of PURPLE KUSH. This MEDICATION has some serious COTTON MOUTH! Keep a bottle of water handy as you use this New MexiCation. Glaucoma Pressure was definitely effected, as I felt my eyes brighten and stop burning and itching. Effects are similar to the Blue Dream in that it sedates your head just to the point where you can still function. Pain Relief is felt at a moderate level mostly in the muscles. It seems to have an ability to alleviate inflammation in the joints. Good as a DAYTIME MEDICATION, I will try to stay away from this one for night use. PTSD & ANXIETY are helped in a quick hitting effect that starts and sticks in your head just under the SKULLCAP. Remember to, KEEP IT
FRESH,……..SPESH~ [email protected] or FB at SPESH REVIEWS

Review 01/07/12 by Jake

Taste: A warm coffee and earth mix with a touch of skunk.

Effects: Very Much a body experience, very relaxing or sedating depending on dose. Pain relief is the most
noticeable effect, as well as nausea relief, spasm relief and a sleep aid. It also seemed to provide a sense of
mood stabilization, not happy, not sad, just on an even keel. It did seem to promote a lot of couch lock, so
day use may be difficult.

From NewMexiCann Natural Medicine

If you are a current medical marijuana patient, buy seeds of this strain here.

Blueberry marijuana strain

Blueberry marijuana strain



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