Bubblelicious Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

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Bubblelicious Cannabis Strain Review And Pics

The Bubblelicious marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. The smell and taste of the Bubblelicious marijuana strain is very fruity. I can see how the strain got it's name, as it smells a lot like fruity bubblegum. The nugs from the Bubblelicious marijuana strain are very frosty, with light green coloring and sparkly trichomes. Like most indica-dominant strains, the Bubblelicious marijuana strain provides a thorough body high. However, unlike some indica-dominant strains, the Bubblicious marijuana strain also provides a euphoric head high as well. This strain is great for pain management and does not cause couchlock as much as other indica-dominant strains I've tried.

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bubblelicious marijuana strain
bubblelicious marijuana strain
bubblelicious marijuana strain