Chem Dawg Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

chem dawg marijuana strain

Chem Dawg Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

The famed Chem Dawg, aka Chemdawg, is one of the most potent marijuana strains in existence. Originating in mystery and legend, Chem Dawg was supposedly found as a seed in a bag of high-quality bud bought by the strains' namesake, who is now breeding various new varieties with these genetics. Chem Dawg is powerful medicine, with a strong smell of pine-sol and jet fuel, and a very strong high which can be too strong and anxiety-producing for less-experienced smokers. As the progenitor of many Kush and Diesel varieties, Chem Dawg is a proud parent of many currently popular marijuana strains.

"Chem Dawg, one of the finest beauties out there. The smoke is one to remember and her looks are quite a sight to see. I've smoked Chem Dawg many a times but this one had quite the punch. Smells and flavor galore." - zubar1987

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chem dawg marijuana strain
chem dawg marijuana strain
chem dawg marijuana strain