May 31, 2011

Dank Marijuana Strain and Edible Review Number Seven

May 31, 2011
Cali Gold Marijuana

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Strain and Edible Reviews

Strain and Edible Reviews


The folks behind this sativa-dominant strain say it took three years of careful cross-breeding involving more than 300 phenotypes to create it. It was worth the effort. Powerful and smooth, with a unique flavor reminiscent of raspberries and menthol, Obama may very well live up to its namesake by raising the bar on cannabis healthcare. Its buds are also lovely to behold–long like ladyfingers, forest green with purple strands that evoke the noble Highway 101 variety, which happens to be one of its many parents.

A good alternative name for Obama would be “Sticky Bomb”–it’s positively thick with sticky resin and yields an energetic, wide-awake stone that comes on fast and lasts for hours. That makes it the right medicine for patients who suffer from chronic pain but who can’t afford to stay on the couch all day. We found Obama at Helping Hand Collective in the Inland Empire, where it’s unsurprisingly the new house favorite.



Big Wreck

An indica-dominant hybrid derived by crossing Big Bud and Train Wreck, this house specialty of Life’s Alternativa Collective in Fontana has been described as a great strain for video-game playing. We sampled it while doing just that and found the reports were true–Big Wreck really does enhance game play by turning down the background noise while leaving reflex control largely unaffected. Some strains are appropriately called “couch weed”–this variety can accurately be dubbed “salon weed,” as it makes you want to sit down but still carry on a conversation.

Big Wreck is a bold and complex strain, yielding flavors of lemony pine and bitter saffron. The buds are big and beautiful, pale green with plenty of amber hairs throughout. Patients with respiratory conditions may want it to break out the vaporizer for it, as it’s a rather harsh smoke. Its indica qualities make it ideal for treating insomnia and muscle and back pain.


Cali Gold

Last issue, we reviewed Lamb’s Bread–a legendary Jamaican strain favored by Bob Marley. In a case of pure coincidence, Cali Gold happens to be beloved of Marley’s son, Julian–and for very good reason. This sativa from One Love Collective in San Juan Capistrano is a cross of Jah OG Kush and DS Gold, which itself is descended from the cannabis Holy Grail that is Columbian Gold. Simply put, Cali Gold is a genetic masterpiece.

Frosty green with fluffy-sticky buds, the strain smells of rich, exotic herbs, burns clean and slow and gives up an expansive smoke that tastes not unlike sweet lemongrass. The stone is otherworldly–a sensation of deep peace and good will. Cali Gold is truly a gift of life-affirming Jah, a tool for spiritual meditation and an outstanding medicine for cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV/AIDS patients.



Presidential Bubba Kush

A house specialty of Positive Vibrations Collective in Long Beach, this is classic indica–full-bodied flavor combined with a powerful full-body high. As stinky as Sour Diesel but without the sharp, eucalyptus aftertaste when burned, it packs a powerful punch that comes on fast and lingers long–the best description we can come up with for the stone is OG Kush on steroids.

Presidential Bubba Kush is decidedly indoor weed, meaning you’d be well-advised to plan an evening at home around it. Reach for it when you’ve got a killer migraine in need of immediate relief, or on those jittery nights when you just know you’ll have trouble falling asleep. Be warned, though: this strain will give you the munchies big time, so be sure your refrigerator is well stocked before indulging. That also makes Presidential Bubba Kush a great remedy for loss of appetite due to chemotherapy or chronic wasting syndrome.



P.O.T. Medicated Smoothies

Start with a bounty of ripe fruit, fresh fruit juice and frozen yogurt. Add a shot (or two, three or even four) of cannabis-infused flaxseed oil. Blend to perfection and voila! You’ve got yourself one massively refreshing medicated smoothie that takes all the guilt out of the phrase “guilty pleasure.” Best of all, the culinary wizards at Premium Organic Treatments in Anaheim will make the strength of your smoothie to order, just the way you like it.

P.O.T. smoothies come in four delicious flavors–Blackberry OG, Sweet Mango Kush, Big Kahuna and Acai Berry–to which you can add just the right number of pot shots to meet your heart’s desire. Each shot contains 32 milligrams of THC, and range in price from $10 a single shot to $25 a “quad” for when you’re in need of serious medicating. Think of it as the natural evolution of those wheatgrass shots at the old juice bar.



Paradise Punch

If you’ve never tried it before, this tasty 12-ounce bottle of natural goodness will surprise you with its potency. We were forewarned, and so sampled just 6 ounces to test the effect–and in 30 minutes we were feeling decidedly pain-free. Six ounces more and it’s safe to say we weren’t feeling much of anything but paradise.

Some makers of pre-bottled medicated beverages mask the flavor of cannabis by loading up on the artificial sweeteners. Chronic Tonic, which produces Paradise Punch and Lazy Lemonade, makes no bones about the active ingredient in its drinks–one taste and you’ll know you’re drinking something with a bite to it (the bottle’s label suggesting you shake well will clue you in, too). Paradise Punch is made with all-natural ingredients, including ganja-infused glycerin. And just to round out the qualities of this terrific medicinal beverage, it also tastes really good. Stop by Living Earth in Los Angeles for your serving.


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