May 29, 2011

Dank Marijuana Strain and Edible Review Number Six

May 29, 2011
Super Silver Haze

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Strain & Edible Reviews

Strain & Edible Reviews

Lamb’s Bread

But the only kinda herb that I could smoke . . . But the only kinda herb that I could smoke…the lambsbread collie . . .

So sang the late Jamaican reggae singer Jacob Miller about Lamb’s Bread, giving us an idea of just how much this sweet and precious (as in exceedingly rare) strain comes recommended. An old, old sativa from Jamaica, where it’s also known as King’s Bread or Bethlehem’s Bread, it’s reputed to have been Bob Marley’s favorite strain–and if that doesn’t convince you to try it, nothing will.

True Lamb’s Bread is almost too sublime to adequately describe, but we’ll try: Dark green and purple with milky undertones like wisps of angel hair, it has a heady, cheesy aroma like the feet of God. The stone it produces is beyond mellow–imagine a sensation of peace and well-being akin to a spiritual trance. For those with serious illnesses like cancer or HIV/AIDS, it’s a gift of nature. We found Lamb’s Bread–authentic, gloriously fresh Lamb’s Bread–at Long Beach Patient Resource Cooperative, where we imagine it will remain available for five more minutes.




Dense and crumbly, pale green and frosty white, Betsey is a quirky powerhouse of a sativa whose origins are something of a mystery. Like a crazy-but-too-sexy-to-leave lover, she’s a head-game player, that Betsey. The strain smells positively enchanting, with perfumes of subtle exotic spices combined with fragrant camembert, but is strangely devoid of taste when you smoke it. The stone feels light and unremarkable at first, and then suddenly you find yourself feeling fine.

Like the noblest of sativas, Betsey enhances the senses while lowering the volume on whatever static you’ve got jangling around your brain. It’s an ideal medicine for chronic headache sufferers and those with severe nervous conditions–we hear it’s also good for soothing symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Betsey is a house specialty of Alternative Health Collective in Riverside, which also carries other high-quality sativas like Train Wreck, Blue Cheese and Sour Diesel.



Super Silver Haze

A potent hybrid that’s 85-percent sativa, Super Silver Haze is the lovechild of Pure Haze, Skunk No. 1 and Northern Lights–and draws from the finer qualities of each. It stinks to the heavens like Skunk, has that wonderful lemony-spicy flavor of Northern Lights and, like the best Haze, provides a soaring and powerful stone that lasts for hours. Perhaps that’s why this sticky, lightly packed variety has won first-place Cannabis Cup awards three years in a row, and why it’s one of the most popular strains at Go N’ Green Patient Collective Association, where we picked up our sample.

Super Silver Haze is what can only be described as “chatty” medicine. Instead of making you want to lay your head down, it energizes and gives your creative juices a lift. That makes it the right strain for patients who need relief from their pain but can’t afford to lie around and watch the grass grow. Migraine and PMS sufferers will love it, as will those with glaucoma and nausea.



Cream OG

The first thing you might notice about this tasty indica is its gentle perfume–sweet buttermilk with a subtle note of menthol. In fact, just about everything about this terrific variety from Kush Kingdom in Santa Ana can be summed up in three words: gentle, subtle and sweet. A fast-burning weed that’s remarkably easy on the lungs, its stone settles in gradually and plateaus after about 30 minutes–leaving you feeling rapturously buzzed all over. The flavor is impressive–we were reminded of lemony skunk with, again, that menthol under-taste.

Cream OG is a handsome strain, with large, dark green nugs wrapped throughout by amber tendrils. The buds are light and fluffy, easily crumbled for joint rolling but sticky enough to be perfect for loading into a vaporizer. For new and inexperienced patients looking for pain relief without feeling overwhelmed, the gentleness of this variety may be what the doctor recommended. That, added to its properties as a 100-percent indica, makes it a good medicine for anxiety, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and colitis.




BudHead Bubble Gum

Despite all the polls showing growing public acceptance of medical cannabis, the truth remains that medicating away from home is touchy business. Lighting up in public or even just toting around stinky weed can be hazardous to your freedom, reputation and/or employment status. Now, from the BudHead Bubble Gum Co., comes a chewy, low-tech solution to this age-old problem.

Each piece of BudHead gum is loaded with just the right amount of THC, though you’ll never know it by the “I can’t believe I’m ingesting cannabis” taste. The stone sets in remarkably fast for an edible (between 15 to 30 minutes, depending on your metabolism) and lasts for about two hours. The gum comes in several flavors, including OG, Irie Sour Apple, Passion Fruit and Mango Madness. They’re available at participating collectives, including BP Medical Solutions in Lake Elsinore, where we got ours.


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