May 31, 2015

Eclipse Farm-Ecology Romulan Marijuana Wax Extract Review

May 31, 2015
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romulan wax eclipse farm ecology bho marijuana cannabisI got a sample of Romulan wax extract from Eclipse Farm-Ecology while attending the Oregon Medical Marijuana Business Conference in Eugene earlier this year. Since they were kind enough to give me a sample, it only seemed fair to return the favor with a review of their dabs. The Romulan sample was the second of theirs that I tried, the first being Blue Dream. The Blue Dream was fantastic and made me fall in love all over again with that strain.

The Romulan strain is a class in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone I know has tried it more than once throughout the years. The Romulan strain is a mostly-indica strain, and has all the traditional characteristic of an indica strain. The Romulan strain has always tasted like the Pacific Northwest to me, which is probably hard for some people that have never been here to understand. But it just tastes like a forest. I’ve lived in Oregon my entire life, and have spent my fair share in the woods on hikes and camping, and the Romulan strain always seems like the fitting strain to be outside with on a relaxing day.

When I cracked open the dab container, I instantly had visions of being on a wooded picnic. There’s a swimming hole in Oregon that is in a state forest that is really popular near where I live, and I was hoping to save some of this Romulan wax for trips later this year. But, unfortunately or fortunately, the wax was just too good and I just finished the last dab of it. You know the dabs are good when you start to get sentimental about it like I am right now, experiencing a sadness like when you wonder if you will ever see a good friend again.

The high from the Romulan wax made by Eclipse Farm-Ecology was so thorough. It was the perfect way to unwind from a long day of working. I would get off work, change into some comfortable clothes, and take a dab of the Romulan oil. It didn’t take long until I was hunkered down on the couch in full relax mode. If there is one thing that I would say about the wax is that it was smooth. I gave a dab hit to my brother in law when he was at my house yesterday for a barbecue, and that was the first thing that he said as he was exhaling.

If you are lucky enough to have Romulan wax made by Eclipse Farm-Ecology in your area, pick some up, you will not be disappointed (their products are sold throughout Oregon). If you frequent a dispensary that doesn’t carry their wax, you should recommend that they do. This Romulan wax is perfect for anyone that needs help sleeping. Romulan is good for migraines, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, dependency and withdrawal. The particular wax I got my hands on tested at 71% THC and .34% CBD.

Below is more information about Eclipse Farm-Ecology, courtesy of their website. You can also ‘like’ them on Facebook:

Eclipse Farm-Ecology is a health and wellness concentrate and infused products company specializing in the use of cannabis and other healthy and healing herbs to produce unique products that may be used to improve vitality, longevity, happiness, wellbeing, disease prevention and healing. We craft all of our concentrates and infused products in regard to a suffering earth and its inhabitants. We believe cannabis can heal and that sustainable and ecological practice is absolutely necessary in order to perpetuate a healthy and vital planet and its population.

Fresh from the family farm, all of our products begin with a commitment to sustainable and organic agricultural practice. We believe it is imperative for cannabis agriculture to demonstrate “the right way to do farming”. Eclipse Farm-Ecology flavorful concentrates and infused products is the best because we start with the flower of crops grown with fresh air, clean water, and pure sunshine on a family farm.

Sound Science and safe traditional extraction methods are at the root of every product with Eclipse Farm-Ecology’s name on it. We produce and package all of our concentrates and infusions from beginning to end in a Hygienic lab environment using standard practice for safe food handling. We extract using safe closed loop light hydro carbon extraction systems and methods as well as other safe forms of extraction, infusion and distillation. We safely reclaim more than 98% of any solvent used in any of our processes. Fine flavor and profound effect prove that sound, safe science is paramount to the process.

For thousands of years, humans have maintained a close relationship with cannabis. Eclipse Farm-Ecology is committed to carrying on the ageless tradition of providing a healthy and safe medicine to our patients. Seed gatherers of 6,000 years ago brought this hearty plant out of the shady canopy and into the bright sunshine to better feed their tribe after discovering the seeds were a delicious and hearty source of nutrition. It became part of the first domestic agriculture on earth and was the primary source of food for thousands of people.

Sailors of the age of discovery carried a pouch of hemp seed in their survival bag as they circumnavigated the earth and discovered new worlds. It proved to be the strongest fiber for making rope, sail cloth, and nets. If a ship ran aground on a deserted island within a few months, enough hemp could be produced to mend the ship, feed the men and see the expedition on its way, again.

Doctors of the age of science carried oils and tinctures of cannabis in their medicine bags. It was the go to cure for many illness, including consumption, cancers, migraines, and Lyme disease. Thousands were fed, healed and freed from suffering with cannabis before prohibition. Cannabis reigned supreme as the only hope for many people for thousands of years. As modern pioneers of an ageless craft and keepers of an ancient heirloom, Eclipse Farm-Ecology is called and committed to offering you the safest and most delicious concentrates and infused products available.


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