LA Confidential Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

la confidential marijuana strain

LA Confidential Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

LA Confidential is a commercial seed strain that captures the genetics of OG Kush. An Afghan strain grown from clones, OG Kush first became popular in the Los Angeles market in the 1990s, and then became world famous as California rappers like Snoop Dogg and Cypress Hill name-checked it in their songs. OG Kush offers a hash-like experience from reefer: a resinous smoke, deep and spicy-sweet like nutmeg, that draws the smoker into a lush, slightly trippy dreamland. While "Authentic OG Kush" may be hard to find if you're not a rap star, DNA's LA Confidential brings the secrets of this celebrity smoke to the market.

"This strain is a great mix of uplifting and relaxing. Works amazing for pain and anxiety." - Brad420brad

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la confidential marijuana strain
la confidential marijuana strain
la confidential marijuana strain