February 24, 2012

Northern Lights Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

February 24, 2012
northern lights strain

northern lights strainNorthern Lights Marijuana Strain

Below is a Northern Lights marijuana strain review that was e-mail to me by NewMexiCann. I always like reading other patient’s opinions on strains because I think it’s more reliable than any other source:

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Northern Lights — NL4 — THC 12.443% / CBD 0.351% / CBN 0.000%

NL4 – 01/14/121 by Jake
Taste: A very musky mocha with floral notes. A very smooth smoke.
Effect: Very much an Indica, it is calmingly sedating, but not sleep promoting. Very much a body
experience, it was a potent choice, good for nausea relief and appetite stimulation. Some pain relief, but
mostly by way of distraction.

NL4 – 01/14/121 by Spesh
NewMexiCann has a brand new harvest of a truly wonderful MEXICATION. Northern Lights are a strain that
we all know. Let me start by telling you I had a terrible day of ANXIETY, STRESS, and WORRY. When I first
started to VAPORIZE I noticed that it had that HARSH BITE to it that is indicative of a good INDICA. Soon
after I realized that my shoulders had fallen, my foot pain had lessened, and I had a smile on my face. This
MEDICATION also was one that made me think, the thing is once I got something in my head it stayed
there. Good for concentration if you’re concentrating on the right thing. COTTON MOUTH was evident
from the first inhale which as you know by now is a key response for GLAUCOMA. MUNCHIES are not too
bad – a couple of cookies should be fine. This MEDICATION I believe will also help those of you with PTSD,
ANXIETY, BI-POLAR, and as a MOOD STABALIZER. I hope you took notes on how this one was produced so
you can do it again. From the AURORA,……….SPESH~ ASK_SPESH@YMAIL.COM


Northern Lights — NL3 — THC 14.695% / CBD 0.370%

NL3 – 10/22/11 by Spesh — ask_spesh@ymail.com
GEEEEEZZ!! It has been so long since I tasted this STRAIN that I almost forgot about it. I was starting to think
it was an urban legend. And here comes NewMexiCann with a sample of it for me to let you know how real
it is. This is SUPPOSED to be a true INDICA, but as we all know there is no such MONSTER. This one is
however an Indica dominant. As you INGEST you will taste a light Piney Flavor, almost like a HAZE. But
there is something left as you exhale. A nice nutty flavor that could be a Brazil or hazel NUT. This STRAIN hit
me pretty quick. It hit me with a Nerf bat, nice and soft at first then creeped up to PEAK. Let me rewind a
second. MY EYES WERE KILLIN’ ME!! When I tried this one I could tell my GLAUCOMA pressure was up. As it
started to PEAK I noticed that my EYES STOPPED BURNING AND HURTING. Now came the STANDING
UP. Do this slowly or you will HIT THE FLOOR WITH YOUR BOREIL-ASS ! I then drifted off into a nice dreamy
state as I listened to the world go away. This is one that,…when you’ve had enough……but there’s a little
left. Well you know what to do…KEEP IT FRESH…………..SPESH

NL3 – 11/06/11 by Jake
I can best describe this as CA Orange’s Indica sister. While very heavily a heady Indica, it has the same
“lighter touch” of the CA Orange, with little disorientation and no apparent “couch lock”. Its taste was warm
and earthy with a note of cafe mocha. It was very effective for relaxation and sleep, but still light enough
for daytime use. It provided good nausea relief, while not inducing an unreasonable appetite. It also
provided decent pain relief and mood improvement. All in all, a solid performing Indica, for those who don’t
want to be incapacitated.  New MexiCann Natural Medicine

NL3 – 11/08/11 by Dosa
I did some research on Northern Lights to try to find out some of the history and put to rest all the stories
that I have heard. So far, I think Alaska was the birth place or the Pacific Northwest, obviously given the
name, but rumor was this was a USA strain. NL is one of the most common strains we have today and I think
is the corner stone for most of the hybrids we medicate with today. I did read that some seeds were sent
from the Pacific Northwest to Amsterdam back in the 80s. I think I started to hear about NL around 86 or 87.
I have no memory of it in the coffee shops in Holland from 80 to 86. Then in 89 I think NL became one of the
most famous strains around in the cannabis community, taking the 89 cannabis cup, and then numerous
other awards later.

I was glad to see that New Mexicann was offering NL for its medical patients. This medication is great for
dosing; the more you smoke the more you are locked. A small dose for breakfast seemed to last a few hours,
perfect for my morning routine. As the day progressed so did my aches and pain but doubling my dose of NL
was effective and at night I triple dose my aches pains away and slept like a baby.

Trio Holistic Center

northern lights strain


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