Platinum Ogar Kush Marijuana Strain Review

platinum ogre kush

Platinum Ogar Kush

What an interesting bud that really delivers. The aroma of Platinum Ogar Kush reminds me of Blue Moonshine. This Kush has a mellow flavor and a smooth hit.

The bud is very powdery with white crystals and a multitude of trichomes. A chosen toke, a true favorite and a memorable experience . . . I think I’m in love. The strain is not only a great socializer, but it is also delightfully and sensuously scrumptious with a genuine flavor that is absolutely fabulous. This Kush puts one at ease and has a hypnotic effect; you’ll want more.

This completely satisfying smoke is 100 percent indica from our knowledgeable friends at Green City in Anaheim. Platinum Ogar Kush is ideal for those suffering from arthritis, colitis, glaucoma, PMS and nausea.

courtesy of Culture Magazine