Romulan Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures

romulan marijuana strain

Romulan Cannabis Strain Review And Pictures

In the 1970s, this variety was brought from California to British Columbia by a Vietnam veteran, where it was grown on Vancouver Island. This variety was nicknamed Romulan after people joked that the high "could dent your head," producing ridges like those of Star Trek's warrior-like race with the same name. Romulan is alien pot with potent effects. Couch lock is likely as concentration may be difficult to maintain. Medically, this weed has shown excellent results for chronic pain.

"Romulan is a mix of Cali Strain x White Widow so you know this stuff is superb! A very sweet smelling strain with purple branches and slight purple hues in the flowers. High lasts upwards to 2-3 hours depending on your tolerance. Great mid-day/ night bud." - propersent42

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romulan marijuana strain
romulan marijuana strain