The Geoffrey Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


Probably my favorite part about being a marijuana blogger is getting free marijuana. I have got a lot of samples over the years, which is fantastic. I grew up pretty poor, and could barely scrum up enough money for a twenty sack most months. So when someone gives me a nug or two, I'm always very grateful. I've smoked a lot of strains over the years, but very few, if any, have impressed me as much as The Geoffrey strain. I have a friend that runs Spaceship Earth Farms in Salem, Oregon, and he is so good at breeding and growing that I can't believe an industrial garden hasn't swooped him up yet.

the geoffrey marijuana strain

He created The Geoffrey strain, which is absolutely my favorite strain on the planet right now. The Geoffrey strain shimmers with trichomes, and forms into dense, long-burning buds. The Geoff is splashed with deep purple hues and red pistils, giving it an almost blue tint. However, despite it's remarkable appearance, the very first thing you will notice about The Geoffrey marijuana strain is the aroma, which is so concentrated, you will literally smell it before you see it, every single time. The first time I brought a jar to my uncle's house with The Geoffrey in it, and I opened it up, he almost dropped to his knees with pleasure. When a flower is cracked open, it's like an aboriginal shaman gathered lavender, huckleberries, citrus, and some other unknown aggressive jungle plant, witch doctored them into blow darts, and then fired one into each nostril.

The taste is like a mouthful of blueberries, and leaves you feeling like maybe your tongue and lips have changed colors from eating too many. This could also be due to the intense high that almost immediately accompanies the wonderful flavor. The high lasts for hours, and the ruderalis genetics tend to give it a great mix of physical and cerebral properties, making it ideal for both pain relief and energy. When taken in higher doses the Geoff effectively combats insomnia and restlessness by melting the space-time continuum. In short, this strain is a cannabis connoisseur's dream.

Not much is known regarding the Geoff's closely protected lineage, but I was told that one of it's relatives is GDP (Grand Daddy Purple). It is not a high yielder, and very labor intensive to grow, making it not an ideal candidate for commercial grow sites. It is a specialty strain, the cannabis equivalent of a rare top shelf liquor or expensive wine, bred not for volume production or elevated THC content, but instead for interesting highs and unique flavors and aromas. This makes it all the more valuable and rare to find in your local dispensary, but given the opportunity, I would say picking up some of this legendary herb is a must. If you are lucky enough to find it, trust me, you will not be disappointed. Below are pics of the Geoffrey in her various vegetative and flowering phases:

geoffrey marijuana strain 1
geoffrey marijuana strain 2
geoffrey marijuana strain 3
geoffrey marijuana strain 4
geoffrey marijuana strain 5
geoffrey marijuana strain 6
geoffrey marijuana strain 7
geoffrey marijuana strain 8
geoffrey marijuana strain 9
geoffrey marijuana strain 10
geoffrey marijuana strain 11
geoffrey marijuana strain 12
geoffrey marijuana strain 13
geoffrey marijuana strain 14

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