December 31, 2011

The Top Marijuana Strains Of 2011

December 31, 2011
bubba kush marijuana strain

bubba kush marijuana strain2011’s Best Marijuana Strains

It’s that time of year again, when every journalist and blogger is creating their own best of lists. I’m no different. Compiling a best marijuana strains of 2011 is one of the easiest blogs to write. During the busy holiday season when your pressed for time copying and pasting can be done quickly. At least that’s what you think.

Then you get into checking out what you wrote for the past year and begin to think, was that really the best? Suddenly you’re filled with self doubt and wonder if anyone even cares about your opinion. I couldn’t whittle down my weed selection down to 10 so I’m presenting a 11, but will still call it the ten best.

Lavender This is a stellar tasting toke, especially in a volcano vaporizer, with pleasant peaceful mind relaxing effects. Great marijuana to meditate too! It’s a very mellow meditative stone.

Deadhead Kush Oh my gawd. It’s probably way too early to declare Deadhead Kush a top ten marijuana strain for 2011, but it set the bar damn high. How high? Just a small nug of Deadhead Kushstinks up a room. Your whole hood will know your smoking Deadhead Kush the moment you break a marijuana bud up.

Papya I’ve never photographed buds with such a unique deep purple color. The color was rich, vibrant, and beautiful, making for awesome nugporn. Effects of marijuana included an uplifting appetite stimulating motivating stone.

HashPlant This extremely resinous Hash Plant sample stuck to the grinder every time a nug was ground. I love that about this marijuana strain. I had to use the volcano vaporizer brush to sweep out bits of bud.

Silver Surfer The buds broke up beautiful and produced a heavy bag of vapor, especially for a sativa dominate strain. Its indica side is a creeper. Instead of a crashing after zipping amongst the clouds like Mario, you’re gently brought down to earth.

Black Domina Absolutely amazing! This Sensi Seeds strain is unbelievable. Though listed at 80% indica there can not be any sativa in her. It’s a blend of four awesome indicas. Northern Lights, Ortega, Hash Plant and Afghani SA. The flavor is unique and phenomenal. Spicy with hashish overtones. Better than most kush strains I’ve had lately.

Green Crack This sample of Green Crack was tenderly grown. You can tell plenty of attention was paid to their plants. Just listen to your marijuana plants they’ll tell you what they need. The buds glistened beautifully. Sparkled like a Elizabeth Taylor diamond. Almost didn’t want to grind these beauties up.

Vanilla Kush – Oh my ganja! Doesn’t get more perfect than Vanilla Kush. Beyond amazingly grown. Fantastically grown ganja! Resulting in wonderful pain relieving medicinal marijuana. Excellent for mediation, napping or sleeping.

LA Confidential Fantastic ganja. It’s difficult to write a review because of the downward high. Great for movie watching, but doing something creative that requires motivation is difficult.

G13 Haze Careful! This nearly pure sativa will get you jumping. More than a Starbucks. Like six of seven coffees in one volcano vaporizer canister. Too much G13 Haze and you maybe bouncing off the walls. For hours! My mind was scattered after one vapor bag.

Sour Aliens
Cali Connection Sour Aliens is a powerful day time toke. A fine balance of pain relief and get up and go. One hoot of this marijuana strain and you’ll be dancing around your place. I know I was. It had some serious sativa zing to it that made writing a marijuana review so much easier. The high was clear headed and creative with just enough couch-locking.

– written by Matt Mernagh, courtesy of Cannabis Culture


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