August 21, 2011

White Russian Marijuana Strain Seed Review

August 21, 2011
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White Russian Weed Seeds — Marijuana Strains


Type:Sativa/IndicaHeight Indoors:Medium
Origin:AK47 X White WidowHeight Outdoors:Medium
Breeder:Serious SeedsFlowering period:8-9 Weeks
Auto flowering seeds available:YesHarvest outdoor:October
Feminized seeds available:YesTHC Level:Very High 20%+
Grow Indoors:YesStoned or High:Both
Grow Outdoors:YesGrow Difficulty:Easy
Yield:Medium 400gm (14.1oz) per M2Awards won:High Times Cup 1996 (1st), 1997 (2nd)


white russian cannabis strainWhite Russian weed seeds — If you were asked to select two cannabis strains to hybridize to create a super-potent, easy to grow strain with a sweet taste and massive buds, you couldn’t do much better than AK47 and White Widow. The result, White Russian cannabis seeds, will give you a plant with an open structure that produces huge snowy kolas characterized by the beautiful white frosting that defines all of the white varieties of cannabis.

The numerous budding points and sparse leaf coverage make White Russian marijuana an ideal candidate for Sea Of Green methods. Although White Russian weed will grow happily outdoors, best results are obtained indoors under lights, with either a hydroponic or organic soil set-up.

White Russian weed has mottled green kolas which begin to gain their familiar crystal coating about 5 weeks into flowering. Tan pistils will darken considerably before harvesting. The buds have a pleasant sweet aroma with noticeable Skunk tones, this transfers into a sweet taste with a hint of Indica hashiness.

The hit from smoking White Russian weed is complex; overall it is a clear Sativa high that is intense and very long lasting. The rushing and intensity can be quite overwhelming and trippy. White Russian weed also carries a relaxing body stone that might sit you on your ass. A great smoke for watching movies, gaming or being creative, anything as long as it is from the comfort of your armchair.

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