November 16, 2011

Yoda Strain Review

November 16, 2011

YodaOne of the few downsides (actually, probably the only downside) to reviewing cannabis strains is that, very quickly, you become jaded on the subject. With so many collectives and dispensaries trying to wow you with their fine medicine, you start to take it all for granted, and suddenly a bud of top-shelf marijuana that not long ago would have seemed the best you ever had doesn’t seem so special anymore.

But every now and then, a variety comes along that’s so good, so choice, that you discover all over again what it’s like to be completely blown away by fine marijuana. Such was the case with Yoda, an amazing new indica from The Green Easy in Los Angeles.

It doesn’t hurt that Yoda is so aesthetically pleasing, with frosted-green, pear-shaped buds that break into round nugs perfectly suited for pipe smoking. Its aroma is shockingly strong, like the smell of young pine in deepest summer, and its taste is as crisp and sweet as the lips of Mother Nature herself. But nothing about Yoda is as impressive as its stone–a devastatingly powerful, full-body experience without so much as a hint of stress.

The THC load is reportedly 20 percent, but we suspect the sample we tried was actually much higher than that, and certainly much more intoxicating than strains with supposedly higher content.

All these qualities combined make Yoda the medicine to take when nothing but the most effective pain reliever will do. We should also add that this is definitely not the stuff to reach for before operating heavy machinery.

yoda OG

Article From Cannabis Culture and republished with special permission.


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