June 25, 2012

2012 Bay Area High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winners

June 25, 2012
High Times Cannabis Cup 2012

High Times Cannabis Cup 2012The Winners Of The 2012 Bay Area High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

You know something? The Bay Area is a big place. A lot bigger than San Francisco. There are so many town and suburbs beyond San Francisco that have experienced their own unique battles to make marijuana legal — medical or otherwise. Cities like Oakland and Berkeley have had their dramas played out dramas on the national stage.

We were thrilled to venture out into the Bay Area hinterlands for our third HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup. At the Craneway Pavilion in Richmond, we found a venue that was tailor-made for a crowd who loves cannabis. The Craneway is a former Ford factory that was converted during World War II to manufacture tanks. Seventy years later, it’s an events center: A high-ceilinged, sun-drenched expanse, ideal for a two-day cannabis celebration.

The interior of the Craneway provided enough area to accommodate scores of vendor booths for those marketing the tools of the industry — the grow gear, the paraphernalia and a myriad of new innovations that our industry perpetually debuts.

Outside, a “medication area” housed the medical marijuana providers of the Golden State. Once again, the Bay Area rolled out the green carpet for HIGH TIMES. Super buds from all over the state were entered in the cannabis competition and attendees were able to sample merchandise, whether it was edibles, concentrates or just plain, old Kind buds.

All week long, expert panels of judges labored to determine the outstanding entrants of California cannabis. By Sunday night, the winners were ready to be crowned. (See the list below.) As usual HIGH TIMES editors served as presenters, but we were particularly thrilled with the surprise appearance of Mila, the “hash queen” of Amsterdam, who presented top concentrates honors with senior editor Bobby Black. Hip hop pioneers Busy Bee and Coke La Rock were also on hand. Busy Bee delivered a heartfelt tribute to Bay Area buds and schooled everybody on the fact that hip hop’s true roots are about “feeling good” and “being positive.”

HIGH TIMES was honored to bestow our Lifetime Achievement Award on Richard Lee, the founder of Oaksterdam University. Richard has been a cannabis activist for over 20 years, but rose to international fame when he opened Oaksterdam University, an institution dedicated to teaching people about cultivation and the cannabis industry. In so doing, he also helped renew a decaying neighborhood of Oakland. Oaksterdam was raided earlier this year by the DEA and Lee has temporarily “retired” from the industry. But he took his stage time to honor all of the “cannabis warriors” who have been arrested and languish in jail.

For the HIGH TIMES crew, which has now mounted seven of these events stateside, the excellent vibes of Bay Area denizens and the tolerance, which they ardently practice, allowed this Medical Cannabis Cup to stand out among all others.

What more could a stoner ask for? Two beautiful, breezy days of puffin’ dank on the Bay with likeminded people who are just beginning to flex their muscle as a new economic power. Could life be any better?

Only if it were legal…

Here are the 2012 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup winners:

1st Place – Larry OG Kush, The Cali Connection Seed Company
2nd Place – Ken’s Phantom, Granddaddy Purple Collective
3rd Place – OG Sky, Buddy’s Cannabis

1st Place – MCU ATF Bubble, Hill Farms presents Master Control Unit
2nd Place – Lemon Remedy, Harborside Health Center of SJ
3rd Place – Harlequin, Buds and Roses Collective

1st Place – Hardcore OG Budder, Superior Extracts for West Coast Cures
2nd Place – OG Super Sexy Budder, LA Confidential Caregivers
3rd Place – Unfuckwitable OG Wax, Venice Medical Wax Centers

1st Place – Solvent-less BAMF Mix Hash, BAMF Extractions for Buds and Roses Collective

1st Place – Eleve Gourmet Veganic Medicated Truffles, Hills Farmacy
2nd Place – CannaChocolate 44/8mg THC/CBD, Tea House Collective
3rd Place – Spice Orange Drops, Greenway Compassionate Relief Inc.

1st Place – Mamma P’s
2nd Place – Elemental Wellness
3rd Place – Cali Connection

1st Place – Mama P’s Grinder
2nd Place – KO Nail from KO Domeless Nail
3rd Place – The Grinder Card from V-Syndicate

1st Place – Hitman Glass
2nd Place – Pulse Glass
3rd Place – Dopeass Glass


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