July 14, 2012

What’s The Best Headshop In Your Area?

July 14, 2012

headshopThe Local Headshop Is Often The Center Of Marijuana Culture In The Area

What makes a good headshop? For me, one of the biggest factors is selection. I like to walk into a head shop with a ton of items on the shelf, and diverse selection. I always like to see the funky stuff; items that the average headshop doesn’t carry. I like to see headshops that only stock quality merchandise, as opposed to a bunch of crap crammed into a storefront with one case or shelf with quality items.

Obviously a big factor (arguably the biggest!) is prices. Finally, a big thing that I look for is customer service. Is there anything worse than frequenting a headshop were the staff has an attitude? There’s a really famous headshop here in Oregon that I will never go to again because I received the worst customer service of all time. I know I’m not the only one…

A marijuana consumer’s first headshop experience is usually something they remember the rest of their lives. I certainly remember my first visit to a headshop. Looking back, the prices were outlandish, and the quality was lacking, but I remember being so blown away that there were stores completely dedicated to counterculture. With so many corporations fighting to infiltrate the industry, I truly hope that local headshops remain around. After all, Walmart just doesn’t understand counterculture!

One of my best friends on the planet owns a headshop in Salem, Oregon (Smokey’s). I remember when he opened in 2002. It was a big step, and I vividly remember having the conversation with him about what makes a headshop great, and how he was going to be better than everyone else. Smokey was the one that took me into my first headshop so many years ago, and I’m always happy to go into his store and see how awesome it is. I wish I was lucky enough to had gone into a shop like his for my first time.

One of my favorite things to do when Jay Smoker and I go on the road is frequent headshops. I don’t always purchase stuff, but I just like to see what designs local artists are coming out with, and what different states consider to be ‘the best.’ I’m going to start a series on TWB looking for the best headshops on the West Coast and beyond. What is the best headshop in your area? Please leave it below in the comments, and who knows, if I’m in the area I might just have to stop by and write a review ;)


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