March 8, 2015

Dabs Are Everywhere!

March 8, 2015

dabsBy Macaseanu from Spaceship Earth Farms

Welcome back to the Spaceship, Earthlings. Today, I would like to call attention to a simple truth. Dabs get everywhere. Now, we’ve talked at length already about how the reburn deposits on every surface inside your oil rig, as well as the process of cleaning and collecting it. I have also been discovering more uses for this reburn, but we will get into that more at a later date.

I want to focus on this dabs get everywhere thing for the moment, and when I say they get everywhere, I mean literally everywhere. For example, I’ve even gone out into the world, you know, hit up a food truck, the grocey store, a headshop, the list goes on. The point is that I ran into lots of people, only to take a look in my rearview and find that I have had a dab on my nose this whole time, like some sort of cartoon witch’s mole imbuing me with magical dab related abilities. Also, I know that many of us, a little too eager, have shattered our shatter, and had multiple dabs go flying everywhere, never to be found again. Which really sucks, by the way, so if you’ve not had shatter yet, please, pay attention. This is solved with a simple, and very, very brief application of the torch to your dab tool. Try it. Just like a warm knife through cannabutter right?

Even as I write this and look at my desk, I can see a speckling of dabs everywhere, a few on the monitor, the keyboard, and the desk itself. Basically, everything within the vicinity of my rig, is in danger of being showered with dabs. Aside from the random and explosive water droplet hidden in a reburn toke, I have deduced that most of these are result of my own careless misuse and misplacement of various dab tools, which may as well be covered in honey. If you’re like me you have a jar full of these, absolutely compounding the problem. Well, have no fear, I have a solution, and it’s not a silicone dab mat, it’s smoking more joints.

Yes, that’s right, you heard me, smoking more joints. If you think you don’t know how, thankfully Aarr Kellz has you covered in this article here, which he wrote after getting upset with me for being so bad at it. So there’s no excuses, and if you don’t smoke joints yet, you should start, you are going to get plenty of practice at rolling.

It starts with the papers. Use whatever brand you prefer. I like the hemp ones, but you could do this with a gold blunt wrap too if you were so inclined. I would, however, avoid those clear cellulose ones. Now this is so simple it is mind blowing, but almost every time you do a dab you will notice a residual amount of oil left on your utensil. Wipe this on your joint paper, every time you do a dab, until it’s nice and smeared. Roll ’em as you go, or save ’em in a tin. Either way, I have found that joints will roll more easily with these treated papers, and will smoke longer and stonier. We call them afterburners at Spaceship Earth, and we’ve even been known to use the stickiness of the reburn as a glue to add a layer of that Spaceship Earth Blonde.

There you have it folks, you can keep your entire life a little bit cleaner,simply by smoking more joints, and stonier joints at that. Feel free to hit us up via email or twitter with any questions or comments. We love hearing what you Earthlings have to say.



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