July 10, 2014

How 7/10 Became The National Hash Holiday

July 10, 2014

By Barry Bard

What are Dabs?

Fundamentally, “Dabs” are hash. Unlike traditional hashish, the term describes hash extracted with Butane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen, or Solventless. Thus, “Dabs” are a more potent form of hash that comes in varying forms. Like traditional hash, extract artists use techniques that ultimately pull out resin, trichomes, and THC, binding them together for a far more dense and potent substance than cannabis. Unlike hash, the “Dab” extraction process is a more thorough approach that maximizes the concentration of the THC present in cannabis.

Before we go in Dab-Depth, here’s an Infographic that describes the basics of Dabs in visual form-and why 7/10 holds a special meaning for hash heads:

What are dabs

What Are Dabs and 710? – An infographic by the team at On July 10 the marijuana community celebrates cannabis concentrates commonly referred to as “DABS”


Why 7/10?

The cannabis community celebrities dabs and cannabis concentrates on July 10 with festivals because “710” upside down spells “OIL” a common acronym for dabs and a form dabs often take. Thus, “7/10” has come to represent “The Day of Dabs” in recent years.

Thanks to celebrity stoners like Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson, Dabs have recently seen a surge in mainstream acceptance

Dab functions as both noun and a verb.

In noun form, a “Dab” is one hit of cannabis concentrate, varying in size based on the consumer’s tolerance and preference. In verb form, “Dabbing” represents the act of consuming a cannabis concentrate. Dabs vary in size depending on the consumer’s experience and desired high.


How Does One Dab?

There are three main methods to consume dabs. The first two methods use a rig, a modified traditional water bong sculpted for dabbing. The first rig method utilizes either a titanium, quartz, or ceramic nail and a Creme-Brulee blow torch And a standard kitchen blow torch. The torch heats the nail up and then a “dabber”, which is just a usually glass or titanium vehicle to place the dab. The “dabber” heats the nail up with a torch, and then uses a “dabber” to place hash on the heated nail. The Dab then melts Dabs vaporize not melt! and a THC-filled smoke cloud fills up the rig and enters the consumer’s lung and is inhaled into the consumer’s lungs.. The second rig method uses an Electronic Nail (an “E-Nail), which plugs into an outlet and electronically heats up a rig. The third and final method is through portable vaporizers, on to which has is placed and an electronic, battery powered vaporizer heats up the Dab.


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