February 25, 2015

How To Tell If Marijuana Dabs Are Good Or Bad

February 25, 2015
How to tell if dabs are good or bad and if you got your money's worth for your weed concentrates

If you’ve been a part of cannabis culture in recent years, you’ve repeatedly heard the adage, “A dab will do ya.” The universal truth resonating from this pot proverb drives its popularity. Dabs are a concentrated form of THC much more potent than flower and edibles. Because of this potency, one dab hit is similar to smoking an entire joint. For experienced cannabis enthusiasts, this form of cannabis is ideal, but for beginners I would urge caution and suggest educating yourself on marijuana concentrates before diving into dabs. Do dabs go bad? Does shatter smell? Learn about dabs, shatter, wax, and other cannabis concentrates by reading our dab quality guide below. 

How To Test Dabs: How To Tell If Your Shatter Quality Is Good

Unfortunately concentrate quality is very difficult to determine by eye. Generally speaking, clear, lighter dabs are preferable to darker ones, but this doesn’t always hold true. With expanding cannabis legalization, the best way to ensure quality is to ask your local dispensary budtender if the concentrates you’re interested in purchasing were lab-tested for purity and potency. It is not off-limits to inquire about such information. 

Do Dabs Go Bad?

Can wax  or dabs go bad? The wax seen here is still extremely potent after being stored properly for several months.

Wax or any other cannabis concentrate can change and lose potency over time without proper storage. It’s best to use a silicone container because dabs won’t stick to this type of material. Your dabs should also be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct light. Direct light and excessive heat will degrade your dabs over time. The presence of moisture could produce mold which will taint your dabs and make them unhealthy for consumption. 

Do Dabs Smell?

What does dab smell like? These diamond dabs likely smell similar to the cannabis flower of which they were extracted.

If you’re wondering does wax have a smell, the answer is yes. While dabs do have a slight cannabis smell, they do not produce the same strong aroma as your favorite flower strain when burned. Your consumption is more likely detectable when smoking out a room with flower compared to dabs. An open container of flower will also be much more pungent than an open container of dabs.  

Before the emergence of legal medical and recreational cannabis markets, producing or purchasing high quality dabs was a precarious venture. Fortunately today, you likely have several options depending on the state in which you live. Black market production of any cannabis product is risky and problematic for both producers and consumers; a legal context will alleviate these concerns. With the increased availability of legal, high quality concentrates, I challenge you to test the old axiom: Will a dab do you?

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Dab Storage and Care FAQs:

What Are Dabs Supposed To Taste Like?

High quality dabs should taste like the cannabis strains from which they were extracted. For example, the flavor of Gorilla Glue shatter should be similar to Gorilla Glue flower. If you purchased Lemon Kush dabs without a fruity, lemon flavor, you should discuss this discrepancy with your local dispensary associate. 

Does Wax Expire

Wax does have a shelf-life. If wax is stored properly, it won’t expire for about a year. Make sure to store your wax in a cool, dry, dark era. Direct light and excessive heat will decrease the potency of your wax, and exposure to significant moisture could produce mold unhealthy for consumption. 

Do Dabs Make Your Eyes Red?

As with cannabis flower and edibles, dabs do make your eyes red because of 

THC’s effects on the body. Enough THC in any form will initially increase blood pressure at a healthy level. After a few minutes, blood pressure lowers, and capillaries in the eyes dilate. This capillary dilation increases blood flow to the eyes which creates the redness you see after significant cannabis consumption. 


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