September 29, 2020

What Your Favorite Marijuana Strain Says About You

September 29, 2020
What does your favorite marijuana strain say about you?

If you really want to know someone, there are a few key questions you can ask to get to the root of their soul:

  • What is your biggest fear?
  • What is your proudest accomplishment?
  • What is your favorite strain of marijuana?

And while the first two questions break the ice, a person’s favorite strain speaks to their true self. It’s the zodiac sign of the cannabis world, only better – these horoscopes get you high, and they’re dealing with blunts and bongs, not planets and stars. 

Girl Scout Cookies

GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies), is one of the most potent – and world renowned – strains on the market. Generally containing high levels of THC (17-28%) and low levels of CBD (0.09-0.2%), Girl Scout Cookies has won multiple Cannabis Cups and been a consistent best seller in states with legal cannabis. 

Its taste and aroma are often described as skunky, sweet and minty – with it claiming its name from the iconic Thin Mints cookies. Stunning appearance isn’t something it lacks either. Girl Scout Cookies is known for its brilliant green, with bundles of deep purple. 

Aside from the extraordinary taste, the distinctive look and the dozens of awards, Girl Scout Cookies is known for its incredibly diverse and balanced effects. Being a hybrid strain in the Durban Poison and OG Kush lineages, GSC produces a euphoric body high while also putting you in a creative and thought-provoking headspace. And better yet – due to its high THC content – the high should last for several hours. This strain has reached legendary status for a reason.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Hybrid (60% Indica, 40% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 17% to 28%, CBD – 0.09% to 0.2%

Effects: Energy, Euphoria, Creativity, Relaxation

Common Medical Uses: Depression, Stress, Chronic Pain

If Girl Scout Cookies is your favorite strain of weed. . . 

You have good taste, and your keen sense of quality hasn’t led you astray before. Not only have you correctly predicted the Best Picture Oscar winner the past 7 years in a row, but you predicted them having only seen the movie posters! You don’t love Girl Scout Cookies because it’s won multiple Cannabis Cups. No. You love Girl Scout Cookies because you know what greatness is, and everybody else is finally on board for once. 

OG Kush

OG Kush is a true giant in the big wide world of weed. Savored by cannabis-connoisseurs and newbies alike, this strain packs a lot of potency (20-27% THC) into one of the most uplifting packages available. And OG Kush isn’t just one of the most popular contemporary strains – it has a storied history, acting as the backbone and building blocks for many of today’s top shelf strains. 

OG Kush’s piney and earthy scent will transport you to the album cover of Taylor Swift’s Folklore, and the taste is just as eclectic. Tinges of pepper and splashes of citrus dance across your palette, just as the light dances across OG Kush’s beautiful, trichome-laden nugs. Though its color is quite traditional, the dense crystalline trichomes OG Kush is known for are a sight to behold. 

OG Kush has a reputation for thick clouds and harsh coughs, and one thing’s for sure. “You gotta cough to get off” rings true with the OG Kush. Sore throats and red eyes aside, this strain’s effects provide the best of both worlds: body melting euphoria and a calm state of mind.

OG Kush Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Hybrid (45% Indica, 55% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 20% to 27%, CBD – 0%

Effects: Relaxation, Euphoria, Uplifted, Spacy

Common Medical Uses: Inflammation, Trouble Sleeping, Chronic Pain

If OG Kush is your favorite strain of weed. . . 

You know you didn’t get here alone – you’re standing on the shoulders of giants. A reverence for the past and an excitement for the future keep you grounded, and lessons from days gone have refined your taste. Know that it’s not in your best interest to choose a lane. You don’t have to pick between oldies radio and the new hits – they’re one in the same, and what’s old is new again! 

That, or you just really dig OG Kush.

Blue Dream

A strain with a reputation like “medicine cabinet essential” has a lot to live up to. Blue Dream has become a staple among stoners for displaying a tremendous versatility of effects and medical benefits. Routinely showing THC content as high as 25%, Blue Dream isn’t the most potent strain. However, its varying effects make it the perfect ‘utility’ player. Whether you’re using it for a wake-and-bake, a mid-day energizer or a post-work Netflix enhancement, Blue Dream gets the job done. 

Its distinctive flavor and aroma make it easy to be picked out of a large crowd. It’s fruity scent rightly preps you for its bursting flavor, and you’re instantly transported to a location of your choice:

  • A luscious blueberry patch on a warm summer evening.
  • A rustic Hunter Valley vineyard, swirling blueberry wine and sharing time with your lover.
  • The room where Violet Beauregarde is being juiced by Oompa Loompas.

When ingested, Blue Dream leaves users feeling uplifted, at ease, and mentally energized – a combo of effects that make it a favorite for daytime tokes. Its clean genetics and lovability across all stoners make it a top-shelf weed wherever it’s sold. And with its ubiquitous presence and universal praise, that isn’t changing anytime soon.

Blue Dream Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Hybrid (40% Indica, 60% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 17% to 25%, CBD – 0.01% to 0.02%

Effects: Energy, Happiness, Creativity, Relaxation

Common Medical Uses: Stress, Chronic Pain, Fatigue

If Blue Dream is your favorite strain of weed . . . 

You’ve gotten used to coasting. ‘Cause why wouldn’t you coast? There’s no point in trying if your lowest efforts already get the job done. And boy, do they get the job done. That’s why you love Blue Dream so much – you see yourself in it. It’s the standard-bearer for modern cannabis without ever wanting to be. It’s received awards just for existing. Good for it. Good for you.

Or maybe you like it because it makes you better at video games! Either one.

Sour Diesel

Named for the power of its pungency, Sour Diesel has been known to pack a punch across many departments. Its unparalleled ability to energize and uplift has cannabis users everywhere swearing off their morning coffee routines. Instead of waking up and drinking a cup of joe they’re rolling outta bed and smoking a bowl of Sour D. 

Those wake and bakes aren’t the most discreet either. Known for having some of the downright skunkiest, stinkiest smoke in the marijuana word, Sour Diesel likes to make its presence known. And though that pungent aroma overwhelms most senses, smokers should still be able to taste the zesty citrus notes in the strain, excusing its “sour” descriptor.

As for looks, Sour D sports a standard pot appearance. It features basic, leafy green leaves with spurts of orange scattered about, but the star of the show glitters on top. Due to its extreme potency (18-26% THC), Sour Diesel nugs are often frosted with a bevvy of crystalline trichomes.

But that’s nothing compared to the strain’s effects. Sour D provides an uplifting, creative head high without dragging down your energy. Its strong mood-boosting effects assist patients dealing with a variety of mental illnesses including depression and anxiety. But it doesn’t just leave you energized, it leaves you feeling calm, airy, and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Sour Diesel Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Sativa (10% Indica, 90% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 18% to 26%, CBD – 0%

Effects: Energy, Creativity, Uplifting, Euphoric

Common Medical Uses: Anxiety, Depression, Stress

If Sour Diesel is your favorite strain of weed . . . 

You’re not afraid to let your presence be known . . . Hey world! Look! It’s THIS guy! – HE’S HERE, ladies and gentlemen! 

And don’t worry – I’m not attacking you. You deserve the attention. Like Sour Diesel, you’re a bit pungent and you overwhelm everyone’s senses, but you make people happy. Or, you just like to smoke Sour Diesel. In that case, sorry for calling you pungent.

Jack Herer

Getting its namesake from history’s most iconic cannabis activist already set expectations high. Luckily, nine Cannabis Cup trophies for ‘Best-In-Class Flower’ help with things like that. 

Having been modeled after Herer’s ever-energetic personality, the Jack Herer strain blends euphoric, uplifting effects along with a head-spinning high. Those traits, along with the way the strain facilitates conversations hearken back to Jack Herer, the man.

Taste mirrors aroma when it comes to the Jack Herer strain. A deep earthiness with a spritz of lemon, orange and skunk best describes the flower’s flavor and scent. As for looks, Jack Herer leaves tend to range from a hazy sage to a deep forest green, with magnificent orange hairs peeking out from in between. 

Due to energy and the focus it causes, Jack Herer makes a perfect choice for on-the-go tokes. Attentiveness and awareness are hallmarks of the strain, and it’s even known to open people up to deeper, more meaningful conversations. It accomplishes all that in addition to the expected boost of euphoria. 

Jack Herer Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Hybrid (45% Indica, 55% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 18% to 24%, CBD – 0%

Effects: Social, Energy, Happy, Creative

Common Medical Uses: Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Depression

If Jack Herer is your favorite strain of weed . . . 

Then your voice cannot be silenced! Take your burning piece and hold it to your mind so that the Emperor of Hemp may speak through you. Or you just like to enjoy some Jack Herer and chat with your friends. Either is okay. 

Neither is okay too.

Granddaddy Purp

Granddaddy Purp is one of the most deliciously stunning and stunningly delicious strains in dispensaries today. An overall delight to see, smell, smoke and taste, GDP puts you in an overwhelming state of relaxation – munchies and couch lock included.

Vibrant shades of purple and a candy-coated grape scent are the first features you notice when looking at the bud. Smoking the bud is an even greater sensory experience: The flavor response is immediate – sweet, tangy, grapes, berries, and the sweet-scented smoke fills the room as you drift.

The state of bliss you sink into with top-shelf Granddaddy Purple is unlike most other cannabis experiences. This smooth indica strain will melt you into your couch, bed or bus seat to the point of sedation, and its euphoric effects put you in the headspace to have sweet dreams for days. You’ll be waking up in a bus garage if you don’t start paying attention!

Granddaddy Purple Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Indica (80% Indica, 20% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 17% to 24%, CBD – 0%

Effects: Spacy, Euphoria, Sleepy

Common Medical Uses: Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety

If Granddaddy Purp is your favorite strain of weed . . . 

You have a deep connection to basketball shorts and Tha Carter III-era Lil Wayne. But more likely, it means you’re looking for smooth, euphoric high to help you drift off to sleep.

Northern Lights

This strain is the new age’s end-of-day wine glass. You’ve been working all week, your feet hurt, and you just want to turn off your brain and watch Grey’s Anatomy. No worries! Just pop open a jar of Northern Lights, pack your vape, and kick off your shoes. This floaty indica will send you into bliss as the night drifts into a hazy fog. 

When you’re first looking at the bud, a piney and pungent aroma occupies the space immediately. The bud is dense and dark green, with streaks of dark purple bleeding throughout. They remind you of the Northern Lights shimmering in the Alaska sky. 

When you finally grind up and smoke the weed, you taste its piney and earthy elements, along with a wildcard. A sweet, candy-like flavor creeps in – sending you off to your high. This indica-heavy strain carries you to a blissful reality and makes even the most work hungry person lazy. But it doesn’t just turn off the lights – users report Northern Lights induces happiness, putting a vibrant filter over the world. 

Northern Lights Strain Breakdown

Strain Type: Indica (90% Indica, 10% Sativa)

Cannabinoid Levels: THC – 15% to 22%, CBD – 0%

Effects: Relaxation, Sleeping, Euphoria, Happy

Common Medical Uses: Stress, Insomnia, Chronic Pain, Lack of Appetite

If Northern Lights is your favorite strain of weed . . . 

You see the aurora borealis shining within. You’ve heard myths surrounding the spectacle – how the lights were the shining spirits of departed friends, dancing across the sky. And when the sky shined bright, our friends were happy. 

You see the sky, but you’d rather just see the backs of your eyelids. So you pack a bowl full of Northern Lights, take a couple hits and drift off to a blissful slumberland. As you fall to sleep, you ponder on your favorite strains that weren’t in this article: Kimbo Kush, Gorilla Glue #4, Sunset Sherbet, White Widow, Green Crack, etc.

If your favorite strain wasn’t mentioned, be sure to comment below so we can give you your own personal weed strain horoscope!


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