January 27, 2015

Outgoing Illinois Gov. Issues Medical Marijuana Business License Recommendations

January 27, 2015
pat quinn illinois medical marijuana
pat quinn illinois medical marijuana
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Outgoing Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has failed to issue medical marijuana licenses while in office and has no plans to do so while he is Governor. This despite the State of Illinois collecting over five million dollars in non-refundable fees, via a process that’s been shrouded in mystery. Meanwhile patients are left with no medicine, and no answer as to when to expect medicine. Incoming Governor Bruce Rauner has stated that his administration will look at the process of approving up to 21 cultivation centers, and up to 60 dispensaries, but he also said on the campaign trail that he would have vetoed the bill had it come across his desk, which isn’t exactly promising.

For reasons and motivations unknown, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn issued a list of who he thinks is best suited to get those licenses, but won’t actually approve those licences even though he has the power to do so. Kind of a slap in the face to applicants who have paid hefty fees and even more money getting their ducks in a row trying to win a license through a process where the selection criteria isn’t even clear. Below is a list of the companies recommended to get a cultivation license (or two):

GTI Clinic Holding LLC x3
Progressive Treatment Solutions LLC x2
Illinois Grown Medicine
Bedford Grow LLC
Cresco Labs LLC x3
Ace Delevan
Shelby Co Community Services Inc
Flora Grow LLC
leso llc
Nature’s Grace and Wellness LLC
Ingrown Farms LLC
Compass Ventures
Ace Barry LLC
Wellness Group Pharms

For a breakdown of the retail outlets, and for scores, you can check out a good article at the Chicago Sun Times. There are a lot of suffering people in Illinois, and they deserve to use a medicine that is safer than pharmaceutical drugs if they choose. I hope that incoming Governor Rauner knows that and expedites the process of issuing licenses as soon as he takes office.


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