December 17, 2015

One Of The Best Marijuana Products Of 2015 – The ‘Roll-uh-Bowl’ Bong

December 17, 2015
roll-uh-bowl marijuana

roll-uh-bowl marijuanaI like to go on ‘toking adventures.’ Toking adventures are when I go on a walk, hike, or some type of mission with the adventure culminating in a well planned out consumption session. Most of the time I hang out around my house and consume marijuana, or at a friend or family member’s house. But sometimes I need a change of pace and scenery, so I pack up my gear and go out looking for something to do and somewhere new to puff.

I am always presented with a dilemma in these scenarios. I don’t want to bring too much gear, or too bulky of a smoking device because I’m going to have to take that thing with me everywhere I go. On the other hand, while I don’t mind spoon pipes and vape pens, I really like to take some monster hits most of the time, especially when I’m doing something out of the ordinary to enhance the consumption experience. I usually end up bringing a mid sized bong in a random bag, all the while worrying about breaking it.

I recently came across an invention that changes that whole scenario. The product is the Roll-uh-Bowl. It’s such a simple invention, but is extremely effective and efficient. Essentially, the bong is made out of silicon so it’s strong enough to stand upright, but pliable enough to bend and fold. I can fit it in my hoodie no problem, or in a bag, or I’d imagine it would fit very easily in a purse. When it’s time to puff, you just unfold it, put some water in it, and load the bowl and insert the bowl into the stem like any other bong.

Whether you are into hiking, biking, skateboarding, fishing, camping, skiing, going to concerts, LARPing, making tree forts, or anything else active that you would like to accentuate with some cannabis, this bong is the bong to own. It’s virtually indestructible. And by virtually, I only say that on the off chance it gets ripped to shreds by a bear or something. I can’t fathom anyway that a human could destroy it with normal use, in any scenario. The bowl that comes with it is fantastic too. It’s an ‘eject-a-bowl’ which basically means it’s spring loaded, so you can empty the bowl with ease and without a poker. The resin/ash covered poker was always a hassle when getting high on the fly. As any veteran knows, those things stick to anything and everything.

One of my favorite features about the Roll-uh-Bowl is how easy it is to clean. Glass (and plastic Graffix for you old schoolers!) bongs take some effort to clean. It’s like an operation, with tools and sanitizing equipment. To get a bong as clean as I’d like it takes me a good amount of time, and involves a lot of salt and rubbing alcohol and a mess to clean up at the end. With the Roll-uh-Bowl, you put it in the dishwasher. You still have to clean the bowl and stem obviously, but the silicon bong just goes in the dishwasher. I’m a selectively lazy person, and that benefit is very impressive to me.

The Roll-uh-Bowl is made in the USA, which is something that I love to see. They are made from ‘Certified Class VI FDA Medical Grade Silicone (same material as baby bottle nipples).’ There’s no chemicals involved, so you can use the Roll-uh-Bowl with confidence. This is honestly one of the most impressive inventions I’ve ever seen in the marijuana world, and believe me, I’ve seen many. It’s such a simple concept, but it’s a game changer. The Roll-uh-Bowl is $34.95, and if you are looking for a stellar Christmas gift for someone, this would be a fantastic thing to pick up. You better believe when you see me traveling from now on, I will have the Roll-uh-Bowl on me. So feel free to fill the bowl when I see you (nudge, nudge, wink, wink). Click here to find out more, and pick up yours today. There are several colors to choose from.

And for all the dab fans out there, the Roll-uh-Bowl can help with that too! See the video below:


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