January 3, 2016

Blue Lotus Medicinals Marijuana ‘Kush Tea’ Is The Best Way To Medicate While Dealing With A Chest Cold

January 3, 2016
blue lotus medicinals kush tea marijuana cannabis

blue lotus medicinals kush tea marijuana cannabisIt is cold and flu season, which is always a magical time of the year. And by magical I really mean ridiculously lame. I don’t get colds that often, but when I do I get them really bad. No matter where the cold starts (nose, throat, aches, etc.) it almost always makes its way to my lungs. That of course is problematic when I still want to consume cannabis. It really limits my options because I obviously don’t want to inhale cannabis when I have a chest cold. Even vaporizing isn’t desirable depending on how severe the chest cold is.

I recently had a very nasty chest cold. It put me out on sick leave for a couple days from work. The thing that helped me get through it the most was some marijuana tea that I had been saving specifically for when I had a chest cold. I consume a lot of tea when I have a cold because the warm liquid is soothing when I consume it. Adding cannabis to the tea just makes it that much better. The tea I had was made by a company called Blue Lotus Medicinals. It was the ‘Kush Tea Enchanted Dreams’ blend.

It had been about a day or so since I had consumed any cannabis, and I had spent quite a bit of time just staring at my nug jar and smelling the nugs with what little smelling ability I had at the time. When I popped open the tea package, I could instantly smell the cannabis. I knew it had to be potent because I couldn’t smell hardly anything at the time, but I smelled the goodness from the tea instantly.

The tea tasted fantastic, and was really strong. The packaging said it makes two servings, but I stretched it a little bit more than that and it was extremely effective. I steeped the tea for quite awhile each time. Much longer than normal tea. The tea taste very floral and herbal, with a very distinct cannabis flavoring from the various forms of cannabis that were included in the tea. It helped soothe my esophagus which had been through a lot of hacking coughing, opened up my lungs a bit, and since the tea had chamomile and cannabis in it, it helped me get to sleep faster, which is always a good thing when you don’t feel well.

I would recommend the tea even when you aren’t sick. I used all the tea I had while I was sick, but I definitely plan on getting more for recreational purposes when consumables like tea are allowed in Oregon for recreational purposes. If you like tea, you will love the Kush Tea by Blue Lotus Medicinals. Check with your local dispensary to see if they carry it, and if they don’t, let them know that they should. I’ll update this article to include locations as they become known to me. You can check out Blue Lotus Medicinals (they make all kinds of stuff) on Facebook, which is probably the best way to contact them too.


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