July 26, 2011

Cannabis Product Review – BudVac Marijuana Storage Containers

July 26, 2011
bud vac

bud vac

The Best Marijuana Storage Jar On The Planet

Ninjasmoker and I have been involved in every facet of the marijuana industry for a long, long time. As a result, it is very rare that we see something in the marijuana industry that we are blown away by. However, while attending the Spring Gathering Festival earlier this summer, I saw something that was a revolution.

I have always pondered what is the best way to store marijuana. I was actually planning on writing an article on the topic at one point, and probably still will in order to evaluate other means of storage that are not found in this article. But I was so impressed by BudVac that I wanted to give it it’s own article.

Let me be straight up – I do not know the people that own BudVac. They did not pay me to write this article, and I have only talked to the guy that was at the Spring Gathering. So for what it’s worth, readers can take my opinion as they wish, and try the product out themselves.

bud vac jarAs you can see in the picture, it’s a basic glass jar like we’ve all seen at grandma’s house. However, the secret is in the lid. The only way I can describe it is they put Reebok Pump technology in the lid. You put the product in the jar, close the lid, use the handheld device to extract the air, and you have the most airtight container on the market.

You have the benefit of a glass jar (no dioxins, etc), yet you have the air seal of a food vac bag (plus there’s no chance of crushing the product like with a food vac). It’s absolutely fantastic! The guy at the Spring Gathering was letting people try to open the container once it was sealed. I saw some monster dudes try and try, yet they could never open the jar. The guy giving the demonstration said it has only opened for one person, and that’s because he didn’t pump the handheld device as much as he could of.

For those of you that are worried about the seal being so strong that it won’t open, and your precious chronic is hostage to the glass prison, don’t fear! Just like we did with the Reebok Pumps of the early 90’s, you just press the rubber button on the jar and woosh, all the air comes out. Your stinky, sticky goodness is ready to consume, fresh as the day you put it in the jar. It’s the most simple, yet super bad ass idea I have seen.

bud vac how it works

The guy was extremely nice and helpful, answering all of my pesky questions (I’m a brainy geek). I highly encourage people to swoop up one of these jars. They are well worth it, and let’s face it, it’s always cool to show up your tokin’ buddies with something new that they don’t have! I should have wrote this article a lot sooner, but alas, life has been getting in the way of Johnny Green’s blogging pursuits. I promise TWB fans to get back on the grind, especially since political season is heating up!!!


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