Denver Airport Should Allow Marijuana Themed Souvenirs


Whenever you go to a large airport in America, in Denver or otherwise, There is alcohol advertising all over the place. There are even bars where flyers can go before or after their flight to booze it up, and if that's not enough, alcohol is served during the flight as well. No one even blinks an eye. However, when someone wants to sell marijuana related souvenirs at the Denver airport, people freak out. Per Westword:

denver aiport marijuana

And soon, DIA may not allow the sale of any pot-themed merchandise at all.

That's because the airport wants to adopt a new rule that would make it "unlawful to sell, display, or advertise any product bearing the image, likeness, description, or name of Marijuana or Marijuana-themed paraphernalia; and advertise a Marijuana-related business or establishment."

DIA began the process of implementing the rule in October, six weeks after entrepreneur Ann Jordan complained that the airport was preventing her from selling pot-leaf-imprinted flip-flops and boxer shorts to one of the souvenir stores there. Jordan, a retired teacher who earlier this year started High-ly Legal Colorado, thought it was ironic that the airport allowed Colorado flag shot glasses but not her products.

After Jordan complained, the airport acknowledged that it didn't have a formal policy on pot-related merchandise but said it would look into creating one.

What's the harm in allowing such souvenirs? If I can buy a Jack Daniels themed shot glass, I should be able to buy a t-shirt with a marijuana leaf on it. After all, marijuana is safer than alcohol, by far. Colorado legalized marijuana in 2012, and here we are more than two years later dealing with this. I can understand that the Denver airport doesn't want people toking off bongs in the terminal, but banning anything with a pot leaf on it from being sold goes way too far.