Follow Sensi Seeds On Social Media


If you are a true fan of marijuana, than you already know about Sensi Seeds. If you don't know about Sensi Seeds, here is a very brief description of the company from their website:

sensi seeds cannabis seeds

In 2010, Sensi Seeds celebrated its 25th anniversary. Throughout the first quarter century of Sensi's existence,  the collecting of the original cannabis genotypes, the expansion of the company, the evolution of its hybrid cannabis strains and the growth of the Dronkers family are all interwoven to form the cannabis empire that exists today.

I have followed Sensi Seeds on social media for years now. Their Twitter feed is one of my favorite follows because they always post such amazing marijuana pictures that are submitted to them from growers who have obtained their seeds. The same is true about their Facebook page.

If you haven't already, make sure to follow Sensi Seeds on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. You will be glad that you did!