October 2, 2012

Grown Up Toys: La Fumo Pipe

October 2, 2012

Smoking has evolved into something wonderful, from the 7:10 culture of dabs, vaporizers to edibles one can get medicated in a way best suited for them. Personally I’m still and probably will always be a flower smoker.

I would’ve written this sooner but my La Fumo Pipe has kept me to high to touch my keyboard. When I tried the La Fumo Pipe at Seattle Hempfest is was love at first hit. This power hitter in disguise comes in many forms thanks to the detachable tube that is the chamber. My first toke was off the 5 ft long chamber, there’s no way to proper way to describe the smoothness of this but like a waterbong or knife hit. Everyone I’ve shared this with is impressed by breath of goodness.

This pipe is actually my first expensive smoking tool since I was 18, back than it was the Proto pipe. The Proto pipe is a wonderful traveling pipe but the La Fumo Pipe exceeds it hitting capabilities. The La fumo Pipe will cost you 70 dollars from their website but it’s well worth it if you appreciate quality hits. In your La Fumo Pipe box will come 10 screens, a poker, the chamber, and of course the pipe itself.

La Fumo is my new weapon of choice and like any other weapon it can be serviced in the field with its detachable bowl and detachable push-button carb. The poker that is included slides right into the main body of the pipe making for a easy clean.

The only thing I see going wrong with La Fumo is overuse. I’ve already gone through my free screens and fear I may need to get a plunger soon from using it over and over. Its been said before and I’ll say it again this is not a paid advertisement. When I start making money from this is when I’m reporting from Amsterdam, ’till than we here at The WeedBlog are just your average everyday smokers, everyday joes with one love in common, that is weed.

I met La Fumo at Hempfest and he is truly here for the herb as well. With the likes of Los Marijuanos, Danny Danko and Steve DeAngelo taking rips of this quality product it’s only a matter of time until your friends get one. Even the great Steve Elliot makes the awesome suggestion of chilling the pipe for a nice cool hit. The La Fumo is all that and a bag of chips.

If you can’t afford them like ’em on Facebook(http://www.facebook.com/fumommj). One love.

La Fumo Pipe

Pic from LaFumo’s Facebook


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