May 19, 2013

Have You Ever Seen A Marijuana Pillowcase?

May 19, 2013
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marijuana pillowcaseAfter a long day of work and consuming marijuana, I am always glad to get home and crash on my bed. People that know me well know that I hate sleeping on hotel beds, or even on beds at friend’s houses. What can I say, there’s just no place like home. My room is full of marijuana posters, products, and countless other things that I have accumulated over the years going to marijuana festivals and events, and receiving cool stuff in the mail from readers.

But one thing that I don’t have, and certainly wish I did, is some marijuana themed bedding. How cool would it be to rest your head on a pillow that has a picture of a giant nug on it? Well look no further, because my friends at www.IBudYou.Com have created that very product! There are numerous strains to pick from too. Below is info about their Platinum OG Bubba Plush Collection pillowcases. If anyone is looking to get me anything for Christmas or for my next birthday, these are pretty cool…nudge, nudge, wink, wink…

“The new Bubba Plush Head Stash collection is here! This new series of our pillowcases now come in a set of two! The front of the pillowcase adorn some of your favorite Bubba strains while the back iswhite incase you need a quick flip for your non-bud friendly friends! Your ganja pillow case can be washed and dried in your home machine for years to come. Just avoid using bleach or other whitening agents.

Size: 17.5″ x 29″ ( Please note that these pillowcases are a tad pit smaller than our classic originals and do not fit King sized pillows). 100% super soft PLUSH moisture wicking, breathable performance polyester. 100% Made in the USA.”

Click here to browse www.IBudYou.Com‘s entire marijuana pillowcase selection and buy yours today!

marijuana pillowcase


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