August 19, 2014

Marijuana Product Review – Aquamizer Vape Pen Attachment

August 19, 2014
the aquamizer vape pen attachment we vape

the aquamizer vape pen attachment we vapeRight now my favorite vape pen on the market is the iTaste vv 3.0. It is the hardest hitting vape pen I have ever tried, and I’ve tried more vape pens than most. I have been using it with a V-Hit Type C , which is a standard atomizer attachment. Literally everywhere I go, I make sure to bring my pen with me. It’s perfect for camping, sneaking hits while on break at work, as well as at home. I have various other smoking devices, but they have all been collecting dust since I got the iTaste vv 3.0.

Just when I thought things were as good as it could get, boom, out comes a new attachment. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the Aquamizer Vaporizer Bubbler attachment. The hits from my pen were already milky (something few vape pens can achieve), but now they are even milkier and smoother. Just as with a traditional glass bubbler, the Aquamizer attachment filters the vapor through water, making it even smoother and healthier. Just as vapor is healthier than smoke, filtered vapor is even healthier than unfiltered vapor.

The Aquamizer comes with a high quality ceramic wick heating element, diffuser, and dabbing tool. The Aquamizer has 510 threads that turn your vape pen into an amazing portable dab rig that hits smoother than anything I have ever used before. The heating element is replaceable so you can change it out as needed, or even use a flower attachment to make a sweet handheld electronic flower bubbler.

The look on my uncle’s face when I showed him my pen the first time was priceless. However, I truly blew his mind when I showed him my pen with the the Aquamizer attachment. ‘This is how they smoke BHO in space,’ was his exact words. If you want to get the biggest, smoothest hits from a vape pen, and look cooler than your friends, make sure to pick up an iTaste VV 3.0  and The Aquamizer attachment, you will be glad you did.


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