October 8, 2015

Marijuana Product Review – Firefly Handheld Vaporizer

October 8, 2015
firefly handheld marijuana cannabis vaporizer

firefly handheld marijuana cannabis vaporizerI really like vaporizing cannabis flower. I love the taste, and I have always felt that there is a distinctly different high from vaporized flower compared to smoked flower. I own several models of vaporizers, mostly ones that aren’t mobile. I have always had problems with most handheld vaporizers on the market. They are usually either bulky and can hold more than a few hits worth of flower in them, or they are small and are basically a glorified electronic one hitter.

Most handheld vaporizers require a ton of attachments, and they seem to break the second they come out of the packaging. It’s just a huge headache. One vaporizer that I got my hands on recently was stellar though. The Firefly Handheld Vaporizer is awesome. When I would complain to people about how I don’t like very many handheld flower vaporizers, many people would say ‘you need to try the Firefly, it’s way better than the one you are talking about.’ I heard that a lot. So when I charged up the Firefly and was getting ready to take my first hit, I had high expectations (no pun intended).

The first thing that I noticed about the Firefly is that it heated up almost instantly. All of my home based units require ‘heat up time,’ which usually results in me getting impatient and grabbing a bong. But with the Firefly, I turned it on, hit the button, and was filling my lungs with vaporized awesomeness right away. The hits were super thick, and the flavor came through as good as any vaporizer I’ve ever tried, handheld or otherwise. I am very proud of the flower that I consume because my friends grew it, or it was gifted to me by a fan that I appreciate very much. I want to give the flower the respect it deserves by consuming it out of a quality vaporizer, and the Firefly absolutely passes that test with flying colors.

The Firefly has the largest flower containment area out of any handheld vaporizer I’ve ever seen that wasn’t the size of a fire hydrant. Some of these ‘handheld vaporizers’ must have been designed for Andre the Giant or Shaq or something, because they are super bulky. The Firefly is truly handheld-sized, yet can hold a good amount of ground up cannabis flower. I hate having to stir the flower after every hit, or take a hit and have to tap it out constantly. With the Firefly you can fill it up, and be good for a significant amount of hits.

The Firefly comes in three different colors (charcoal, red, or silver). The one I have is silver, and it looks super slick. The Firefly is built like a rock – far more sturdy than some of these ones I’ve seen at vaporizer stores that look like Radio Shack rejects. The Firefly also can vaporize concentrates if you have the extra ‘concentrate pads,’ which I encourage you to get if you are all about the dabs like me. The Firefly is very easy to clean. You just simply pop off the top, and have unimpeded access to wipe/scrap/clean as needed. Most handhelds I’ve seen are a pain in the butt when the resin starts to build up, which is a constant battle when you consume daily like I do.

I would absolutely recommend the Firefly to anyone and everyone that is looking for a high end handheld cannabis vaporizer. The price is more than ones you will see out there, but again, those ones are so cheap that they will quit working sooner than later. Meanwhile I’ll still be puffing on this Firefly. In the time that you will go through ten cheap handheld vaporizers you will only have gone through one Firefly, trust me. You will save money in the long run, plus have a vaporizer that is way cooler than the other people you puff with. You can get your hands on a Firefly Handheld Vaporizer at this link here.


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