March 2, 2012

Marijuana Product Review – The Bowl Mole

March 2, 2012
bowl mole

The Bowl Mole

One of my favorite things about going to marijuana related events are the booths. The booths are always full of people from media outlets, or are selling some type of product. There is always some mind blowing inventions. By far my favorite invention that I saw at the High Times Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles was the Bowl Mole. If you have ever converted a piece of fruit or vegetable into a marijuana smoking device, or if you know a Macguyver that does, this is the ULTIMATE item to own. Below is some info and a couple of videos that I think make the Bowl Mole sell itself:

The Bowl Mole is the amazing, compact tool that quickly makes fruit into… GOOD TIMES. The Bowl Moleâ„¢ uses a new approach to an old idea. People have been smoking out of fruits, vegetables and other plant material for as long as people have been smoking.

Now you can enjoy your great smoke with the fresh flavor of your favorite fruit or the crisp taste of a delicious vegetable anywhere you can find produce. A convenience station, grocery store, restaurant, airport, or your mom’s refrigerator all make good places to find something usable and probably, wonderful.

Don’t be afraid to experiment! The Bowl Moleâ„¢ is the clean and easy way to enjoy all of Mother Nature’s finest. For even more natural enjoyment, use a magnifying glass (and the Sun) to focus heat energy onto the smokable material to induce combustion.


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