January 31, 2016

Marijuana Product Review – The Dr. Dabber Boost

January 31, 2016
dr dabber boost electronic dab rig

dr dabber boost electronic dab rigI was in Las Vegas in November for all of the industry shows that took place. I saw a lot of products, and heard a lot of ideas, but the one that I was the most impressed with was the Dr. Dabber Boost electronic dab rig. I was consuming various forms of marijuana with friends while I was there, and one of the guys in the session whips out a black case that says ‘Boost’ on the lid. He asked if I had ever seen or used one before, and I admitted that I hadn’t.

The guy showing me the boost told me that it was fairly new, and that it was the best one on the market. I have tried many, many electronic dab rigs in my day, and they always claim to be the best one on the market. Most of the time they take forever to heat up, don’t provide very milky hits, and practically require a mechanical engineering degree to use. There was one that I tried back in the day that didn’t have any safety features, and was basically like holding a burn-scar-waiting-to-happen in your hands.

With that being said, I’ve tried some good ones over the years too. They are usually the most expensive ones. The Dr. Dabber Boost pieced together very easily, and unlike a lot of other ones I’ve seen, is geared toward low temp dab hits, which is the preferred way to consume dabs to maximize that flavor (and the dab supply!). Hit after hit, the Dr. Dabber dominated, without exception. Each dab hit was milky, full of flavor, and smooth.

I’ve seen a lot of quality electronic dab rigs, but never had I seen one that came with its own case. I like the portability of a lot of electronic dab rigs, but I definitely don’t like lugging them around, especially since they cost an arm and a leg and I don’t want to break them in transit. With the Dr. Dabber, everything has its place in the case, and when you bust it out for a session, it lets your friends know that you mean business. Needless to say, I was sold on the Dr. Dabber.

But then came the most important question, how much does it cost? A lot of quality electronic dab rigs cost upwards of $700.00, and they don’t come with a sweet case. The guy blew my mind when he said it cost less than $200.00. My jaw about hit the floor and I said something to the effect of, ‘How in the world do they plan on making money?!’ The Boost owner just chuckled and said he has no idea, but that he’s glad he got one. A quality dab rig, electronic or otherwise, is usually more than $200.00 when you get done purchasing the nail, butane, etc.. Not with the Boost. Buy it, rip it, cherish it. It’s that simple.

Below is a video of the Dr. Dabber Boost in action. It’s absolutely one of the most impressive things in the marijuana world right now in my opinion. You can swoop up your own at this link here.


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