March 29, 2015

Marijuana Product Review – The Stealth Wax Atomizer

March 29, 2015
stealth wax atomizer

stealth wax atomizerI recently added the Stealth wax atomizer to my vape pen accessories and absolutely love using it. The Stealth vape pen attachment came with one black, opaque glass wax atomizer, two dual ceramic wick-heating elements and a dabber tool. The Stealth fit perfectly on my standard vape pen (510 Thread). I personally use an iTaste VV 3.0 pen, but virtually every pen I’ve ever seen has that threading.

The Stealth is simply a black, opaque glass attachment that produces decent sized milky rips. My favorite part about the Stealth is that you cannot see through the glass and is almost identical to an ejuice clearomizer. In a perfect world no one would have to hide their cannabis use, but until that day comes, the Stealth is the perfect way to stay discreet. Using the Stealth makes others think that I am just puffing away on an e-cigarette, when I am really puffing on something much better. The Stealth is discrete and comes in a small black box that is easy to keep in my laptop bag ready to use at any time.

I truly enjoy smoking whenever and wherever I want to. The Stealth has stepped up my game in terms of vaping while visiting unfriendly cannabis places (here’s looking at you Idaho!). Also, no more ash from blunts or joints in my friend’s cars. Ash flying around while riding in a car is one thing I dislike about smoking papers in cars. In addition, we all seem to have that one friend that cannot ash out the window…. The Stealth eradicated that issue!

Another huge benefit from using The Stealth is that there is no lingering smell of cannabis after smoking. The vapor is nice, clean and does not seem to absorb into my clothes. The Stealth is perfect for smoke drives (but not if you’re the driver, be safe!). It really does look just like an e-cigarette. I do not feel sketchy at all while using it walking around town. In my head, I am just using an e-cigarette like everybody else. I have used clear atomizers at work, and have received some funny looks. When I use the Stealth, no one even bats an eye.

If you like to get high on the down low, usually in unfriendly territory, then The Stealth is a must have. I cannot wait for my next trip. Click here to get your hands on a Stealth wax atomizer today.


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