March 28, 2015

Marijuana Product Review – Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes

March 28, 2015
tommy chongs smoke swipe swipes

tommy chongs smoke swipe swipesBelieve it or not, there are people out there that don’t like the smell of marijuana. They become rarer everyday, but they are still out there nonetheless. I have gone through some pretty elaborate processes throughout the years to mask the pot smell coming from my clothes after I participated in a long session. Especially in my younger years. A lot of the time I would have an extra pair of clothes in a plastic bag inside of a backpack just in case I couldn’t get the smell off back in the days when I didn’t want my parents to know.

Now days I still have a need to mask the smell, usually after breaks and lunches at work, but sometimes with certain relatives as well. In a perfect world no one would care, but some do, and there are occasions where it’s just easier. Sometimes I do it just for hygiene purposes. The smell of smoke in general bothers some people, marijuana or tobacco. As a courtesy I try to freshen up a bit.

I have been a fan of Tommy Chong since I was a kid. I would listen to the Cheech and Chong wedding album on vinyl with my uncle growing up, and since those days I have been all about all things Chong related. I own a Chong Bong, which is one of my top life possessions by far (here is a link about my Chong Bong). So I was very excited in late 2014 when I saw that Tommy Chong came out with a product with Reviver called ‘The Smoke Swipe‘. The smoke swipe is a product that freshens up your clothes so they don’t smell like smoke.

I got my hands on some recently and put them to the test. My work frowns upon cannabis use, but that doesn’t deter me from using it regularly. Don’t worry, I just sit in a cubicle all day doing mind numbing work close to my house – not anything that’s a safety hazard. I don’t drive while high and usually walk to work, using a pipe or vape pen the whole way there. Usually I have some cologne, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, wipes, and all of the other gear. All of the gear does a great job of helping out my hands and gum tames the pipe breath, but getting my clothes fresh has always been an issue. I use cologne usually, or body spray, but that just usually ends up with me smelling like a combo of the cologne/spray and Indiana Bubblegum exhale.

Today I took one of the Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes, and after hot boxing in a co-worker’s car, used the swipes. They dominated. Instead of smelling like a hash/Axe body spray combo walking into work, I smelled extra fresh, like my clothes just came out of the dryer. After work I went to Jay Smoker’s house to say high. Anyone that has gone to Jay Smoker’s house knows that it smells like a Cypress Hill concert. He smokes like a broken chimney, and the 420 smell is always in the air. Whenever I leave there I have to just completely change my clothes if I’m going anywhere that frowns upon cannabis use. I used the Tommy Chong Smoke Swipes outside of his house and all was well again.

Needless to say, I will be packing these swipes everywhere I go, whether it be to work, or especially when I travel to states that aren’t as friendly as my home State of Oregon. Below is a stellar video that Tommy Chong’s crew put together. It’s a spoof on a popular Lincoln car commercial featuring Matthew McConaughey:

If you want to pick up a Tommy Chong Smoke Swipe today, follow this link. Also, if you are on Facebook, and like the product, give it a ‘like’ on Facebook at this link here.


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