April 13, 2012

Marijuana Product Review – Wall Decal From MANGLED

April 13, 2012
grand daddy purple wall decal mangled

grand daddy purple wall decal mangledMarijuana Wall Decals From MANGLED

When I was at WeedMaps headquarters back in January, I noticed a Fathead of Tim Tebow above the television where the WeedMaps staff plays video games on breaks. WeedMaps CEO Justin Hartfield explained to me that when he is dominating other members of the WeedMaps team at Madden, he likes to point at the Fathead for emphasis.

I told Justin that’s awesome because I have always wanted to get a custom Fathead of myself made, so that when I’m dominating people on the arcade games at The Weed Blog HQ I can point to it in the same fashion. By The Weed Blog HQ, I mean my apartment living room. It’s small, but we have free arcade games, so I feel it evens out lol. I’m not sure if Tim Tebow in a Denver uniform is still rockin’ it in the WeedMaps HQ breakroom, or if it has been updated to a new player. I’ll let WeedMaps comment on that!

I realized today that my desire to get a Fathead of a stoner hobbit was not nearly as cool as a wall decal of a Grand Daddy Purple nugget. Or a NYC Diesel nugget wall decal. The marijuana wall decal is made by a company called MANGLED. I put mine on the side of my favorite arcade game at my apartment. As far as I’m concerned, nothing is better than some Grand Daddy Purple and a mean game of Dig Dug :)


Good vibes rule all. We love the things that make you feel great – that let you completely lose control. That feeling that hits you like a wave and all of a sudden you’re having the best time of your life – everything is instantly better. You’re enveloped in an all encompassing state of bliss. Being in unison with your surroundings – one with the beat, and the family you’ve been engulfed in.

We’re here to help… Think of us as guides on your journey. To take you through the path of becoming a better person. To that elevated state of consciousness we all strive to be in tune with.

Get MANGLED… we are.


MANGLED began as a seemingly simple idea of bottling as much good vibes as possible. Our team is comprised of individuals who love music, togetherness, consciousness expansion, and great times. We want you to always be aware of how good of a time you should be having.

We’re always looking for new team members and street team affiliates to spread the MANGLED vibes!

Contact us if you’d like to join the movement – teamMANGLED@getmangled.com

grand daddy purple wall decal mangled

Wall decals are printed on removable vinyl fabric. Safe to use on all types of flat wall surfaces. Before applying decal, clean target area and dry completely. Carefully peel decal off sheet. Finally, carefully apply decal to wall, making sure to smooth out any air bubbles. Keep provided tube and sheet to safely store your decal when removed from wall.


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