Marijuana Vape Pen Review - Cloud V Phantom Premium


There are not that many quality vape pens out there that are designed to vaporize dried marijuana flower. There is a virtually endless supply of vape pens geared towards concentrates, both in free form and for cartridges. While I definitely love oil, I still like flower, and I know that others do too. I have been on a long search for a suitable handheld vaporizer for flower.

cloud v phantom vape pen marijuana cannabis

It seems like all of the ones out there have two major flaws. The first major flaw is that handheld vaporizers for flower are very, very bulky most of the time. One guy asked if I wanted to hit a vape pen for flower once upon a time, and here I am thinking that it's going to be roughly the size of a pen. Instead he whips out something that looks more like a jumbo Maglite that a security guard would use. I use a vape pen when I'm on the fly, and need to be a little more discreet than when I'm at home, so using a 'vape pen' the size of a mini baseball bat is not going to work. If that's OK to do, I might as well just walk around with a portable battery with my Volcano (which obviously won't work either).

The second major problem I have with most handheld flower vaporizers is that they don't actually vaporize the marijuana. Whether it's a dedicated pen, or just a flower attachment, most of them operate with coils that get hot when the pen button is pressed. So it's not that the marijuaan is being vaporized, it's just that the part of the flower that is touching the coils is burning, which isn't what I want. I want there to be no conduction style heating involved, meaning that there is no combustion going on in the chamber. Plus those attachments hardly hold any flower, and since just the part near the coil is being burned, you have to constantly take them apart, mix up the flower, and put it back together to get a semi-decent hit.

I recently got my hands on the Cloud V Phantom Premium vape pen which is designed for dried marijuana flower. It's absolutely fantastic. Not only is it small enough to fit in my pocket (The Cloud Phantom has a 0.83" diameter and a 6.7" height), it also is an actual vaporizer. One thing that I have seen with smaller handheld vaporizers for flower is that since they are smaller, the batter power is sacrificed. That's not the case with the Cloud V Phantom. It holds charge for a long time, and that's not just my experience. Almost all of the reviews out on the web say the same thing.

Another cool thing about the Cloud V Phantom is that it comes in several colors. Most other vaporizers only come in black or grey. I got one vape pen sent to me in the mail that was a glitter design. No offense to those that like glitter designs, but I'm not particularly a fan. The Cloud V Phantom comes in solid colors - green, blue, black, red, silver, purple and white. I personally got the black one, which looks super sleek and awesome. I absolutely love it. It looks like a vape pen that a ninja would use.

The Cloud V Phantom is the easiest vape pen I've ever used. You simply fill the chamber, click the button three times, and you are ready to vape. It's that easy. There are other pens out there that have more buttons than a remote control, and are very hard to use. The only variance in the process I just described comes if you want to change the temperature on the pen. There is a low, medium, and high setting, which makes it very simple. Some other pens practically require a degree in electrical engineering in order to operate. I don't want to know all of the specs people, I just want to get high!

The pen is very well built, with the only moving part being the mouth piece which removes to expose the chamber that holds the dried flower. The mouth piece re-attaches and locks into place, which is nice. Other pens I've tried don't have the locking mechanism or the locking mechanism is so hardcore that it practically takes the jaws of life in order to get it off. The pen comes with a one year limited warranty, which is something that a lot of other pens don't offer.

One thing that I always look for first in a vape pen is if it can provide big hits. So many pens out there only create small puffs of vapor, which might be fine if you're using it once every never as a newbie. But I'm a veteran, and almost everyone I know are veterans too, and we want big milky clouds of vapor. The Cloud V Phantom delivers big hits every single time that the chamber is loaded with dried flower. The pen also creates vapor that allows the flavor of the flower to come through, unlike some pens that I've tried that kind of make the vapor taste the same regardless of the strain involved. The Cloud V Phantom can hold approximately 0.3 grams of flower, so you can get a decent session going before the flower needs to be changed out.

The Cloud V Phantom kit includes:

1 Cloud Phantom Premium
1 Cleaning Brush
1 Packing Tool
1 Pair Tweezers
1 Micro USB Charging Cable
1 Owner's Manual

If you want to pick up a Cloud V Phantom dry marijuana flower vaporizer pen, visit the Cloud vapor online store. The pen currently sells for $109.99, which is a fair price for the best flower vape pen on the market. Also check out Cloud Vapes on Facebook and Twitter.