Meet Sesh Supply - A Brand New Glass Brand


It's no question that recent changes to local and federal laws have made the topic of smoking more socially acceptable than ever before. This widespread acceptance has led to exponential growth in all industries related to smoking, but particularly in the glass industry. Because there are so many people out there that are passionate about this industry, there has been a recent "flooding" of the glass market, with more brands popping up than ever before. This high level of competition makes it even more important for a new glass brand to stand out from the others; to do things differently and provide people with a new and interesting set of choices when buying high quality glass.

sesh supply glass

That's where Sesh Supply comes in. Out of Savannah, GA, this up-and-coming brand is looking to bring some of the wild success the glass industry has seen on the west coast over to the other side of the US. They're a new brand on the scene - only a few months old, give or take. Still, the company's fledgling status is nowhere to be seen, whether in the great designs of their first two pieces or the unified image of the brand as a whole. Sesh Supply has employed a team of designers from many different backgrounds all focused on creating the most functional and aesthetically pleasing glass designs possible. This has resulted in a flagship product line that shows their dedication to creating high quality glass that can compete with modern production lines.

The sleek and modest "Amphirite" features two inverted showerheads stacked on top of each other and divided up by a honeycomb perc. It is the smaller of the two launch pieces, but it has an incredible amount of percolation packed into such a compact tube. The second and much larger launch piece from Sesh Supply is dubbed the "Kratos". The Kratos features three inverted showerheads nestled one inside of the other, all packed into a fat can style body. The Kratos looks and feels like smoking out of a cannon. Both pieces have a retail price in the low $200 range, making them a new power-couple in the world of affordable high quality glass.

sesh supply glass

Sesh Supply's attention to detail doesn't stop with their glass. A brand feature that is sure to be attractive to retailers and customers alike is the fact that all Sesh Supply water pipes come packaged in a custom Sesh Supply branded carrying box, complete with three layers of protective foam and a convenient carrying handle. Buyers will also have the option of choosing which type of accessory they would like - either a bowl or a branded Sesh Supply quartz banger.

sesh supply glass

While the glass pipes they have revealed so far stand out on their own, they represent only the initial beginnings of a highly ambitious brand. Not only are they releasing water pipes, but they also have plans already set in motion for a full line of vaporizers, electronics, and accessories, such as high quality quartz bangers and honey buckets. They're looking to provide a wide range of products designed to be combined to create a perfect "sesh" for smokers of all types - and perhaps make their mark on the glass industry in the process.