August 17, 2015

Review – Cannabis Infused Gourmet Butter Mints By Trike Edibles And Elixirs

August 17, 2015
trike edibles butter mints

trike edibles butter mintsWhen I was growing up, we lived by a restaurant called Los Chiles. I absolutely loved going to eat at Los Chiles. Even though it was just a basic Mexican food place (and has long since gone out of business), for some reason I thought the place was very fancy when I was a small kid. No matter what I ended up eating for dinner, I always looked forward to my favorite part of the night when we got our mints. They were butter mints of various colors, and I would always try to be quick to the dish so I could get as many as my chubby little hands could carry. Sometimes I succeeded better than others.

I just at a couple of cannabis infused gourmet butter mints by the Trike Edibles and Elixirs company, and I had to take a second because once the mint hit my mouth it took me back to the days when I would go with my family to eat when I was a little kid. I don’t know if readers have ever seen the film Ratatouille, but there is a part of that film where a person eats something and it instantly conjures up memories from the person’s past. I literally had a ‘Ratatouille moment’ when I ate these butter mints. My only complaint is that I wish I had one the size of a frisbee!

My good buddy Kaliko obtained some from Stoney Brothers medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. You may recall that Stoney Brothers was in the news recently for the unionization of its workers. I haven’t been to the dispensary myself yet, but Kaliko says it’s super clean, professional, and that they have fantastic meds. If these butter mints are any indication of what they have in stock, I think it’s safe to say that everyone should check them out. If there are any butter mints in stock, make sure to get some for me!

The cannabis infused gourmet butter mints by Trike Edibles and Elixirs contained 50 mg of THC according to the packaging, but actually contained 65.5 mg of THC according to the testing. You could barely taste the cannabis as the mint rested/melted on your tongue. I could eat those all day, but if I did, I’d imagine I’d be in trouble. Two butter mints gave me a good body high, which I’m feeling right now as I right this. I see bed time in my future. The butter mints were tested at Green leaf Labs, and rang up at 76.27% THC and .54% CBD. The butter mints were about the size of a half dollar coin. They tasted like pure heaven.

If you are in Portland, pick up some at Stoney Brothers medical marijuana dispensary, and after you visit them and thank them for valuing their employees, make sure to leave them a review on Leafly.


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