August 30, 2015

Review – Cannabis Infused Gourmet Chocolate Bar By Trike Edibles And Elixirs

August 30, 2015
trike edibles and elixirs cannabis chocolate bar

trike edibles and elixirs cannabis chocolate barI recently got my hands on a cannabis infused gourmet chocolate bar. The chocolate bar was acquired from Stoney Brothers medical marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. You may recall that Stoney Brothers was in the news recently for the unionization of its workers. I have already reviewed their butter mints, which were some of the best edibles I’ve ever tasted from an Oregon dispensary. But whereas the butter mints contained 50 mg of THC, this chocolate bar contained 100 mg of THC.

I know that it is becoming more and more popular these days to go slow and only consume a little bit at a time. Well I had one of those days where just a little bit wasn’t going to cut it. I wanted to ‘get there’ and so I ate the whole candy bar. It was fantastic. It reminded me of eating a high end chocolate from World Market. I couldn’t taste the cannabis at all, which was surprising since it contained a high amount of THC. If you like smooth milk chocolate, you will love the taste of this medible by Trike Edibles and Elixirs.

The high was strong, as expected when you eat that much THC. The body high was super thorough, but I wasn’t as couch locked as I was expecting to be. I was still able to get stuff done around the house, albeit just at a slower pace. I got the giggles more than once, and had a very enjoyable evening. If you purchase one of these bars, but don’t want to consume as much THC as I did, the bar is broken up into 12 squares, so dosing is super easy.

The only thing that I think would turn people off about this chocolate bar is that it does contain nut and milk products, so if you can’t eat those types of things, be aware of what’s in it. But if you don’t have food allergies, you should really try this medible out. If you are in Portland, pick up some chocolate at Stoney Brothers medical marijuana dispensary, and after you visit them and thank them for valuing their employees, make sure to leave them a review on Leafly.


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