May 29, 2015

Salted Caramel Drip Marijuana Ice Cream Review

May 29, 2015
drip ice cream salted caramel

drip ice cream salted caramelAbout a week ago I posted a review of cookies and cream flavored marijuana ice cream made by a company called Drip Ice Cream. Drip is based out of Portland, Oregon. It was my first time ever eating their ice cream, and it was hands down better than any other edible I have ever eaten. The flavor was so rich, the high was mild yet thorough, and the only complaint I had was when it ran out I wanted more. If Drip can ever create a never ending tub of that ice cream, I would be the first in line to buy it.

I was lucky enough to also get my hands on the salted caramel flavor made by Drip Ice Cream. I was visiting my friend Travis in Portland, and he was kind enough to kick me down some. My expectations were high after eating the cookies and cream flavor. I am happy to say that the salted caramel flavor knocked my socks of just as the cookies and cream did. It was like eating a caramel candy out of a box of chocolates, combined with extra awesomeness, but in ice cream form, with the tinge of marijuana flavor that I love so much in an edible. The marijuana flavor wasn’t over powering, but was just enough to remind you it was there. I would say out of the two, the marijuana flavor was more prevalent in the salted caramel compared to the cookies and cream flavor made by Drip Ice Cream.

I made a lot of my friends, and some readers, jealous with my last ice cream review post. In an effort to keep that streak alive, I can assure everyone that you should be jealous of anyone and everyone that is lucky enough to get their hands on some of this ice cream. My friend Travis gave me multiple containers of this flavor, and like an idiot I gave some away to TWB co-founder Jay Smoker. Looking back, I wish I would have been more selfish because now all of this fantastic ice cream is gone, and all I can think about is getting my hands on some more. This ice cream is that good. It will mess with your head.

The particular batch that I got my hands on was tested at Green Leaf Labs and contained 72.32 mg/unit of THC, and 2.26 mg/unit of CBD. The high from the ice cream was similar to the cookies and cream. Very thorough but mild enough that I was still able to get stuff done. I also shared part of it. Jay Smoker ate a whole one and he said he was locked on the couch for the night. I haven’t tried the ‘double dose’ yet, but I hear that’s a wild ride that everyone should experience at least once.

As I stated in the last review, Drip Ice Cream retails for between $12-15 depending on the location. Right now dispensaries in the Portland and Bend areas carry it, but the company is planning on expanding to other markets along the I-5 corridor soon. If you frequent a dispensary that already carries the ice cream, make sure to purchase some, as you will not be disappointed. If you frequent a dispensary that doesn’t carry Drip Ice Cream, you should urge them to do so. They can send an e-mail to to get the process started of acquiring inventory. Like I said before, this is the best edible I have ever eaten. The flavor is like nothing I have ever tasted before, and the only knock on it I could ever come up with is that it’s not never ending. I used to think that eating ice cream for breakfast was a bad idea. Now I’m rethinking that long held belief.

You can find out more about Drip Ice Cream and what they have going on by checking out their website, giving them a ‘like’ on Facebook, and following them on Twitter.

drip ice cream



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